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Kelly & Gareth

Kelly & Gareth
OccupationClaims Adjuster
OccupationCNC Operator

Why did you decide to join Match?

Kelly: I was finding it difficult to meet someone who wasn’t just up for a fling. At 32, most of my friends had settled down and meeting someone in a pub or club wasn’t my thing.

Gareth: I joined Match because I didn’t think I would find love in a pub or a club, so decided to try online dating and Match was the most popular at the time.

How did the first date go?

Kelly: He was very shy in person and I’m pretty outgoing so I wasn’t even sure he liked me, but when he kissed me after walking me to my car I knew that was it!

Gareth: I was really nervous because I wasn’t that great at speaking to women anyway, but Kelly made me feel very relaxed and we had a good laugh. Though I can be shy meeting new people, I thought I came across quite well. I must have or I wouldn’t have got a second date! We went for dinner and a few drinks in Glasgow and it went well. I wanted to kiss her earlier but it wasn’t until the end of the date that we kissed and that was the moment I knew she was the one for me. I practically skipped back to the train station that night.

When did you meet up again after that?

Kelly: A week later.

Gareth: It was a week later. We went to the cinema and for something to eat.

How long were you a member on Match?

Kelly: Around one year I think.

Gareth: I was a member on Match for about 7 months.

What do you have planned for the future?

Kelly: We’re already married and we’re not interested in kids, so to travel more, buy a new house, adopt more animals and to save the world would be just dandy.

Gareth: We would like to travel more, find our dream home to live in with our rescued pets and have a big garden to grow our own food.

Kelly & Gareth