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Kirsty & John

Kirsty & John
OccupationCustomer Service Advisor
OccupationTransport Clerk

Why did you decide to join Match?

Kirsty: I decided to join Match because I had been online dating for a few years, had a few bad experiences and Match just seemed like the better option because it filters out the people who want just a fling. I had suggestions from friends and they suggested Match as a viable option to some of the other websites…

John: I decided to join Match after being single for two years. I had a few dates, but couldn’t find who I was looking for. I was on Match for around three months and also thinking of deleting my profile but then I received a lovely message from Kirsty and everything changed! Fifty-nine common interests was a massive surprise as I’d never had that with anyone else before.

How did the first date go?

Kirsty: Our first date was a week after we started speaking. We met half way in Chester Railway station and took it from there. We had a bit of a walk around a few shops to find out each others’ music tastes and food tastes etc., then went for some food and cocktails and a walk to end the night by the canal. We shared a kiss or two to say goodbye and didn’t want to leave each other even on the first date. We couldn’t wait to see each other again. It was by far the most comfortable I’ve ever been on a first date and the most I’ve liked a guy.

John: As Kirsty said, we spoke for a little while and met up after a week or so. We had a lovely first date in Chester and we hit it off instantly! I even got a few kisses to end the night.

When did you meet up again after that?

Kirsty: We then met up a few days later as we couldn’t wait to see each other again. We had another little date – a bit of walking and talking and even holding hands. Our dates quickly progressed from there. We had 5 dates in two weeks and I then stayed at John’s for a weekend and saw what life was like in his neck of the woods!

John: The second date quickly followed and we haven’t really been apart since.

How long were you a member on Match?

Kirsty: I was a member of match for 2 months before speaking to John and was close to deleting my profile before his picture popped up and I thought that he looked pretty cute. I clicked on his profile and we had 59 common interests – that was a record for me by a long stretch. I then suspended my profile a few days into speaking with John and deleted my profile a month into being together when we became official.

What do you have planned for the future?

Kirsty: We both love to explore new places and have many plans to travel to our ‘bucket list’ countries. It’s a long list! We already went to Prague in November and spent Christmas together. We’re currently planning on visiting John’s family in Canada next year for a nice break away.

John: We’re always talking about the future. Marriage and children are already in our thoughts. We have both met each other’s families and we both feel like a member of the opposite family already.