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Nicola & Steve

Nicola & Steve
OccupationSupply teacher
AreaWest Wales
OccupationOperator in Oil
AreaWest Wales

Why did you decide to join Match?

Nicola: I decided to use Match because I didn’t have much free time to join clubs where I might be able to meet somebody with similar interests.

Steve: I personally decided to join Match as I work unusual hours and shifts, quite often weekends and nights. This made it difficult to even go out with friends at times. Often, when I was off work, I had my two boys stay with me so that was important to be able to continue the father – son relationship – time consuming but rewarding. I didn’t feel I had the time to search for the right one in the old fashioned way. I had a couple of friends who had been successful with online dating so I gave it a go.

How did the first date go?

Nicola: Our first date was at a pub and went really well. We hit it off straight away – it was very friendly and chatty and the time flew!

Steve: Nicola and I lived around 50 miles apart so our first date was in a pub/restaurant roughly half way between us. I will never forget reversing the car alongside hers and seeing her smile across at me – she pretty much had me won over there and then. I was desperate not to mess things up!

The evening went really well, non-stop chatting and the time flew by. I thought I had blown it at the end of the evening when after the food I asked if she would like coffee before leaving. When she said no, my heart sank (I now know she doesn’t drink coffee very often). I walked her to her car, mentioned I would like to see her again but not to feel pressured into agreeing there and then and I drove home hoping to hear back from her very soon. I think she text that night that she would love to take me up on the offer of a next date.

When did you meet up again after that?

Nicola: Around a week later.

Steve: I think it was about one week later when we met again. We went to see a film at the cinema local to Nicola. I can’t remember the film but we both came out laughing as it was terrible.

How long were you a member on Match?

Nicola: I was on Match for around four months.

Steve: I had been on Match.com for about 5-6 months.

What do you have planned for the future?

Nicola: We wed in 2014 and have been happily married for three and a half years. We are now moving to West Wales which is where Steve works and was living when we first met.

Steve: Our wedding was a small family gathering up in Gretna Green. We had a wonderful day and our honeymoon in Crete was wonderful too. We have grown to love each other’s little quirks, she makes me laugh every day and her smile is so warm and welcoming, it still gives me a tingle just like the first time I saw it.

Nicola & Steve