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Sara & Peter

Sara & Peter
OccupationIT Project Manager

Why did you decide to join Match?

Peter: I’d been separated for about two years, but until the point of joining Match I hadn’t been interested in meeting anyone new. When I did start to consider dating again, I realised that I just didn’t have many opportunities to meet new people, so thought I’d give internet dating a go.

Sara: I’d been separated from my ex-husband for over a year, I was a single mum and was feeling like the time was right for me to have a look to see who was “out there”. In all honesty, I wasn’t really holding out much hope but thought I had nothing to lose. I decided on Match as I thought people who were serious about finding someone would be on a reputable site.

How long were you a member on the site? 

Peter: About a week! I came across Sara’s profile the same evening I registered. I messaged her, she responded, we kept up the dialogue and I quickly realised that here was someone that I really wanted to get to know better. I had no desire to look at other people’s profiles or start other conversations.

Sara: I cancelled my membership about 4 weeks after I joined. It always amuses me that I joined on a Saturday and had a response from Peter on the Sunday. It stood out amongst others as Peter was the only man who actually answered the question I posed in my profile, plus he was attractive and a New Zealander, so hugely interesting to chat to. It also quickly became obvious that we shared the same sense of humour.

How did the first date go? 

Peter: Wonderfully! We just clicked – the magic was there and I was blown away. My only worry was seeming “too keen” and scaring her away!

Sara: Fantastic! It was a cold, early December evening in Hastings. We talked easily over a lovely meal and had lots of fun in the bars afterwards. We shared our first kiss…I never wanted that first date to end.

When did you meet up again after that? 

Peter: About a week or so later I found an excuse to meet up with Sara for a coffee. She was bunged up with a cold, but still gorgeous. She brought me a small gift too, which was a lovely surprise (I can’t remember if there was an occasion to warrant it). That let me know that she was thinking this might be more than just a low key occurrence, that she felt there was some real potential or romance.

Sara: Peter was due to be away for Christmas so our next date was not due to be until the end of December, but we’d had lots of chats and text messages so Peter asked if I was able to meet him before Christmas. We met in Tunbridge Wells for an afternoon and as it was almost Christmas I bought him a coffee mug with a witty print on it – a small gesture but one that I thought would make him smile. It did and it now has pride of place in our kitchen cupboard!

What do you have planned for the future? 

Peter & Sara: After 3 wonderful years together we have bought our dream home, have done lots of travel, have become a blended family and we are getting married in August 2018. Sara found her “Perfect Pete” and I found “the love of my life”. As long as we are together in the future, we will be happy.