All aboutthe Match Badge

The Match Badge tells you in the blink of an eye which Match members are the most genuine and reliable in their messages to other members. These are true Match Heroes, ready to find someone special, that will hopefully send you charming messages!

Because you are the object of their affection, you have an opportunity to say whether Match Badge holders truly live up to their promise – when you do, they’ll receive the Super Match Badge.

How to recognise a Match Hero

On Match, a Match Hero is a member who carefully fills in his profile (with photos, a personal ad and what he is looking for), takes the time to watch our tutorials and has signed our charter!

A Match Hero sends carefully crafted messages that aren’t full of “lol”, “pls”, “bbz” or messages that are so vague he could have sent them to anyone. He avoids dubious emojis and can read between the lines (and silences, too). In short, he’s a respectful single guy who knows that meeting someone special means a relationship takes two to get off on the right foot.


How to obtain the Match Badge

  • Complete at least 70% of your profile*
  • Have an approved photo
  • Watch all Match tutorials
  • Sign the Charter
  • Meet all Match Badge criteria
  • Write your personal ad
  • Get positive reviews from Match singles over the past month
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