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Why men really want to get married

Women have lots of different reasons for wanting to tie the knot. But why are men so keen to get hitched? We reveal why so many decide to put a ring on it.
Contrary to popular belief most men are not actually commitment-phobes who end up goaded into marriage by pushy partners keen to get a ring on their fingers. According to’s latest Lovegeist report – the largest independent study of the UK’s attitudes towards relationships – 88% of men are looking to get married in the future. That’s even more than the women – only 85% of whom said they were keen to tie the knot.
So what are their main motivations for popping the question?

It strengthens their bloodline
While being married is no longer a prerequisite for starting a family, the vast majority of men would prefer to start a family in as stable as possible an environment. Despite high divorce rates, marriage and the traditional values of the nuclear family are still the most secure and settled environment for rearing young children.  Men understand and value this just as much as women.

It’s an investment
Aside from the financial advantages of being able to share major expenses such as buying a house, marriage is also a personal investment in the future. Most men will concede it’s worth sacrificing just a few of those single years of being foot loose and fancy free in exchange for a long-term investment in one person with whom they can build and share a potentially life long relationship.

Having someone to grow old with
Recent research contends that happily married men tend to outlive their single counterparts by quite some margin. In fact, the rate of mortality is 250% higher among single men than those who are married. It’s not clear whether the lower mortality rate is down to married men being better looked after by their families or is just to do with their level of contentment in general, but the idea of not having to grow old alone is persuasive factor for men who are thinking about settling down. 

The presence of a supportive and caring partner on whom he can rely is both a comfort and a powerful draw for marriage. A stable home life allows a man to devote more of his energies to other areas of his life that he holds dear such as his work. And that plays an important role in making him feel validated as a person.

Emotional security
According to the Lovegeist report less than 2% of men look to marriage as a route to financial security showing that men, just like women are looking for emotional over financial security. A shared experience is more valuable to them than a shared bank account.

Having someone to share life’s ups and downs with is also a crucial factor for men deciding to tie the knot. An Australian university study of three countries Britain, Australia and Germany revealed that married men are happier than their single counterparts. Married men having someone to share their emotions and life’s burdens with must surely play some part in their findings.

Match.coms relationships expert Kate Taylor makes the astute conclusion:
“Men want marriage and everything that goes with it for the same reasons women do – security, support, comfort and affection. What they don’t want is divorce, as they still typically suffer from it with more financial and emotional scars than females. Consequently, they are wary of marriage until they’re very sure they have found the right partner. But once they have, usually they will proceed to a proposal rapidly.”

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