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How to get the perfect online dating profile picture

Having a picture on your online dating profile can dramatically increase the amount of people who will view your profile, but getting  advice on what make a good profile picture before posting can make the difference between an abundance of messages and not many at all. Below are some tips and advice to ensure your profile picture helps you get the most out of your online dating experience.

A big smile is the key to online dating success
The most important piece of advice when it comes to your profile picture is getting the basics right. Get a decent digital camera which will produce a clear and good quality photo.  A well lit head and shoulders shot is best, and it’s usually a good idea to smile! First impressions really count, especially when you’re online dating, and a picture that shows you happy, relaxed and open is the ticket to winning that first date and ultimately a lasting relationship. Photos that show you enjoying yourself in pleasant settings are more appealing to potential dates viewing your profile. Think about the kinds of photos you’re attracted to in other people’s profiles and you’re on the right track.

Don’t mislead with your online dating photo
If you’re choosing a picture that’s been taken previously, good advice is to make it a recent photo and not one where you have since changed your hair or piled on the weight! It sounds harsh, but it means that people viewing your online profile get an accurate picture of who they’ll be meeting if you get to the all important dating stage.  We would also advise against having another person in your photo; this may confuse potential dates and could see them end up thinking they’ll be dating the wrong person. Not an ideal situation to find yourself in!
For women, the best advice is to keep make up to a minimum and ensure your face isn’t being obscured by your hair, or your hands. For men, wearing baseball caps or sunglasses can also hinder your chances of success, as it will stop people browsing your dating profile from seeing a clear picture of your face.

Let your profile picture show your personality
Lastly, uploading several different pictures as well as your main profile photo is a good way to enhance your profile and the impact it will make online. This will give people an accurate picture of the kind of person you are and what dating you would be like. A variety of different settings, poses and expressions can enhance your main profile picture and really work to your advantage. Think of your profile picture as a way to give people a clearer idea of your personality and who you are.
Follow this simple advice and you’ll be dating in no time.

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