Match community guidelines

Match is a service intended for singles who are looking for genuine, committed people who are ready to start a serious relationship.

We want you to have a great time and get the best dating experience. To make that happen, we ask all our users to take responsibility for their behaviour here and the ways they interact with other members.

The golden rule

The most important thing to remember when you’re on our site/app is this:

If you wouldn’t say, do or show something to a date in real life, don’t say, do or show it here.

So before you send a message, ask a question or upload a photo, always ask yourself if you would do the same if you were meeting in real life. If you wouldn’t, it’s probably not a good idea to do it online.

The four pillars of online behaviour

There are four key principles we want you to follow while you’re part of our community.

Be kind
Be respectful
Be safe
Be genuine

Check out the Tips on how to act.

Being kind

ALWAYS treat people you interact with on Match the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Don’t be rude. Don’t be mean. Don’t bully, intimidate, defame, harass or stalk other members. If someone says they’re not interested, leave them alone. If someone blocks you, don’t try to get back in touch: Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, the best plan is to forget it and move on.


Being respectful

Every strong relationship is built on mutual respect, and it pays to show that respect right from the start.

Think of your profile picture and username as your first message to someone. So choose a name that makes a positive first impression, and a photo that makes the right person want to find out more. If your name, picture or message contains hate speech, obscenity or trolling it won’t just mean you’re unlikely to get any dates: we’ll ban you from the site.

We’re all adults, and singles may send flirty and even sexy messages to each other. But only when it’s consensual. Don’t send messages containing unwelcome sexual propositions or sexually explicit content, particularly at the start of a relationship.

We also do not accept messages or content depicting illegal activity or promoting commercial sexual services, human trafficking or non-consensual sexual acts. Breaking this rule will result in your account being removed.


Being safe

The golden rule for being safe on Match is always to think about your safety first. Only interact with people through the Match app or site, don’t share too much too soon, and never give out your address, email or phone number to anyone you don’t fully trust. Watch out too for people you have never met who ask you for money. Remember scammers can often be very convincing. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

This is a dating site, not an e-commerce site. Never solicit another member for private information, like passwords, Social Security Number, financial information or their home or work address. You are not allowed to use any information regarding a member, public or private, for business/commercial use or any other unlawful or nefarious purpose.

We only accept adults as members, and we will remove and permanently ban any accounts operated by anyone who is not an adult. If you find someone underage, please report their account to us immediately for your safety and theirs.

If you do encounter anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or who isn’t sticking to our rules, it’s easy to report them. Just click ‘report member’ on their profile. And if you don’t want to hear from them again, you can always block them.


For our complete list of tips about how to stay safe online, click here

Being genuine

If you’re after a one night stand, an affair or a secret life, Match isn’t the place for you. Our community is about being yourself, finding someone special and, hopefully, starting something real. So be genuine from the start. It goes without saying that we will ban any scammers, impersonators, fraudsters or criminals and may report them to the police.

Don’t promote external links, sites, pages or any commercial messages in your profile or messaging. And don’t use copyrighted images that belong to someone else unless you have received their express permission. Please note that all responsibility for any use of copyright images without permission and for any other content you share lies wholly with you the user.


Behave yourself, online and in real life

We want our singles to meet eventually, whether it’s on a date or at one of our Match events. And we want you to stay kind, safe, respectful and genuine right through your dates and relationships – it’s just the best way to be.

If someone you’ve met through Match acts badly towards you or makes you uncomfortable, we want to hear about it. Contact customer services and we’ll do our best to help.

Cyber-bullying leads nowhere. Least of all to love.

At Match, we say cyberbullying is when a person sends messages repeatedly to the same person despite not getting a response.

These messages can undermine people’s happiness, dignity and mental health through their repetitive nature and the use of insulting, discriminatory and defamatory content, or of a sexual nature without mutual consent.

In order to fight against this type of behaviour, here are the rules you should follow:

If you receive pushy messages which make you feel uncomfortable, here’s how to alert us so it stops immediately:

Lara, our virtual coach, helps with the prevention and detection of cyberbullying. She will intervene if too many messages are sent to the same person without response. Lara will help you put an end to this situation.