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Frequently asked questions

Why did I receive a warning?

  • It may be that you offended someone, or posted photos or content that breach our rules.
  • Any warning sent by our moderators is accompanied by a message explaining why.

Most of the warnings the moderation team sends are for spam (Sending the same message to lots of singles is spamming, and is against our Terms and Conditions ), abusive language or scamming messages.

Match is supposed to be a fun, safe environment where people can find love.

We expect our singles not to use language that makes others feel uncomfortable.
Abusive language can notably includes racist, xenophobic or insulting language, improper language regarding physical characteristics, disability or religion.

Honestly- You'll stand a much better chance of getting a date if you think before you write anything that might make someone feel uncomfortable, unhappy or annoyed.
Even if you mean it as a joke, it might not be taken in that spirit by someone else.

At Match, kindness and respect always win the day.
➔ To learn more, please check our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

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