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Are you someone who finds dating online difficult? Maybe you don’t know where to start or you’re haunted by cringey dates in the past (aren’t we all?) – don’t worry, you’re far from alone. Recent surveys have found that half of us feel that dating in the modern world is harder than it was ten years ago. Here’s where comes in. We offer memberships that promote authentic profiles and other features which match singles looking for love and companionship.

Sure, you could wait to bump into a love interest in person, but in a post-pandemic world, many single people aren’t so patient. Not to mention, the introverts among us may find the courage to send another user a message where we wouldn’t in a coffee shop, stranger to stranger. Over half of all single people are now using some form of dating site or app to find love. As the UK’s best known online dating site, we’re here to guide our users through the process in a way that’s welcoming, fun and relaxed.

Long gone are the days when Internet dating was seen as a no-go. In a post social media world, e-dating, if anything, is the norm.

We promise our Match members a fuss free registration process when it comes to setting up their profile and our features and intelligent features offer a lending hand to help find local date ideas.

Check out our detailed profiles
On Match, dating profiles are very detailed. Our features mean that you can find your best match to the finest of details depending on what and who you’re looking for – from religious beliefs to location or even whether you’re looking for fellow single parents. You can find matches using the criteria search or just browse through the array of members’ profiles.

We love love – simple as that! New relationships can be so exciting and matching singles online who share similar interests to yourself can be so rewarding as well as an exciting way to find new adventures.

Understandably, romance isn’t always rosy. If you’ve been in the dating app or site game for a while it’s easy to feel disheartened and to forget that there are millions of like-minded people looking to connect. Dating services can often be difficult to use, require too much research and mustering up the want to get back in the online dating game requires a lot of energy. Love – or even like – is an overwhelming topic which is why a free, easy to use dating platform like Match is required to put the fun back in dating. That’s why we are the best known dating site in the UK!

Our users are at the best advantage when they make use of our features to find Match dating events and socials local to them. Say you’re looking to meet women interested in ballroom dancing? Our features will help you chat to singles to find your dance partner and then will enable you to find local dancing classes. The free membership has helped millions of members meet like minded people for a coffee and develop long term relationships.

Our features also offer speed dating events if you prefer this format to meet multiple people who share your interests in one sitting. We also offer a paid monthly subscription for more fine tuned features. Sharing exciting experiences makes for an intimate date which can develop a close connection. is also a safe space tailored to deliver the best dating site experience possible. If you’re sick of seedy Instagram posts and DMs and find it difficult to clear the line between dating and your social life and social media presence, a dating app like Match can act as a great tonic. Unlike social media which can often feel like a breach of personal privacy, you choose how much personal information you give over on our dating site. Match’s filters will ensure that you’re not wasting your time with flirty messages that may not be interested in looking for the same thing as you are when it comes to romance.

Always dreamt of going to New York city? Looking for a long term and intensely connected love affair? The world’s your oyster and there’s no goal too big when it comes to love. Through using online dating services like Match, you’re able to reach millions of like minded men and women, some of which are looking for just the type of romance you are. In a way, Match acts like a research centre for your potential partner.

What’s more is that online daters are so diverse. You can literally use online dating and online dating services to meet and date so many different types of people. From introverts to extroverts, dancers to accountants, you’re sure to fall in love with the variety of characters we cater to. Even if your date doesn’t hit off as well as you’d like it to – which is so natural and to be expected – you can still meet great men and women who you can become friends with.

Dating apps can be scary, don’t get us wrong. Profile after profile after profile, member after member after member, how do we distinct the difference between profiles? How do we see people for who they truly are through such a mechanical app or site? We can spend weeks or even months looking for someone single to match with and develop a relationship only to find ourselves overwhelmed with choice and profiles.

The key is that online dating is different to dating in person and they shouldn’t be compared. In a way, that’s the point! It would take hours, weeks or even months to meet as many compatible singles in a coffee shop as you would after spending just twenty or thirty minutes scrolling through a dating app. But of course, an element of the human must still remain. As in real life, we want to make a good impression, to share parts of ourselves with real people who view us with a sense of integrity and show us a sign that they’re interested in not only our profile but in us as a single person looking for a relationship.

At Match, unlike many other dating apps, we have multiple features that encourage the human side of dating. A subscription with Match filters for the most compatible singles so you don’t have to sift through multiple meaningless profiles looking for something too far removed from what you want.

Many matches made on Match are between like minded singles who share much in common, with interests based in the core of their personality, who can share on world views which then make for strong connections. Unlike many other apps, help is always at hand with Match ensuring good support for whenever you don’t know what move to make next.

We want Match to bring out the person in the profile, the person based in a lifetime of developed interests and quirks. We view romance as an art and want to feature each beautiful soul in the best way possible so that they’re able to make the best connection possible. Membership with Match can lead to the best date of your life time and time again with a fellow single who you’re able to just get along with off the bat and develop a good relationship with. Someone who you continuously want to spend time with and date, who can teach you things over time. Romance is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t exist without the people and we want to put you at the centre.

For years, users have created authentic profiles on which helped them find like-minded people which developed into good matches and then to great relationships.

Men and women are presented with both similar and different challenges when it comes to online dating. The same goes for both gay and straight relationships. Men tend to experience flakiness, straight women and gay men alike tend to receive a mass of meaningless messages from very forward men looking for something other than love. Not to mention the array of broken boundaries and awkward microaggressions experiences on dating services, dating apps and sites.

At Match we avoid this awkwardness with our features which filter singles and let users and their individuality shine. You may have a million reasons as to why you’re “just not the person who dates online” and they’re totally fair enough as reasons! However, if there ever was a sign to start online dating, it’s with Match. As we have said, we put the individual first and use our filters and features to help singles find meaningful relationships with other singles they want to share their experience with.

Thousands of people have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?
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