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Dating Advice

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Looking to start something real in the digital world but don’t know where to start? Well, worry no more! Our dating advice is here to help. Trying to navigate the world of online dating can be scary! From cringeworthy first messages to ‘is that really the best picture they have of themselves?!’, the reality of building a relationship online is usually far from the fantasy of being swept off your feet. But there’s no need to fret, we’re here to give you some tips, tricks and dating advice to help you get swiping-savvy in no time. If you’re looking for first date advice or just want to have a giggle at some of the worst pickup lines ever, you can browse our cornucopia of online relationship advice at your pleasure, or catch up on the go with our app. Of course, if you can’t get enough of our Match advice then register with us today to hear about our Match nights and social events (yes, in person and everything!). For now, here’s some of our best dating advice all in one place, just for you:

Wait, Is This Thing On?

The first step to start online dating is creating your profile. Our experts tell us that including words like ‘love’, ‘fun’ and ‘friends’ in your bio is important, as most people we’ve spoken to find those to be the most attractive! You should be true to yourself - don’t worry if it puts some people off, it just means that they aren’t meant for you. When the likes start coming your way, it’s important to message something better than ‘how’re you?’ to get their attention and put your best foot forward.

Keep Your Profile Lighthearted

The best online relationship advice? Avoid chat up lines (unless you have a really, really good one), but keep things fun! Your profile should already let people know how old you are and what you do, so it’s time to let your personality shine through. Tell a joke or an embarrassing story - and make sure that you keep it positive. No one wants a wet blanket on a first date!

For The Ladies…

Trying to impress the person you’re interested in can be daunting. Our online dating advice experts have provided the answers once again, to tell us how do you know if you’re knocking it out of the park or scaring them away?! It seems like the pitfalls of modern dating are never-ending, with ghosting and the fabled Summer Love ending things before they’ve even really begun. It’s important to remember that making what you want clear without being too forceful is key to meaningful relationships - communication, communication, communication.

And For The Guys…

Did you know that 60% of people are more likely to match with you if you have a dog in one of your pictures? Coming across as responsible and trustworthy are two of the main attributes people look for in male partners - so get those puppies out! It’s not all about the dogs though (sadly, I know). Dressing well and making sure that your profile shows off your personality is bound to get the likes flowing too.

Help! It’s Our First Date

After the mutual swipe, initial conversation and the ‘when are you free again?’ messages, you’ve decided to go on that pivotal first date - but wait, first date, that’s a whole lot of pressure: not necessarily! As our dating coach puts it: Treat the date as the start of something, not the final destination. Dating should be a fun experience and getting to meet someone new is all about figuring out if you are better off as friends or maybe something more…

What About Rejection?

You’ve been on your date, felt no sparks and now it comes to the dreaded text. Whether you’re the textee or the texter, rejection is never easy and it’s ok to mutually ghost each other. But dealing with an upfront ‘I’m not that into you’ can be demoralising and pretty rubbish. Rejection is a normal part of the dating process and you should try not to take it to heart. Remember that dating is a journey and the best part is having new experiences and figuring out what you do and don’t like then it comes to finding someone special.

To Sext Or Not To Sext… That Is The Question

It’s true, lockdown has changed the way we online date. More people are looking for a real connection than ever and the time that we’ve had to get to know one another has been invaluable for people finding out exactly what they want from online dating. Only 23% of singles said they missed sex during lockdown… but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t getting up to something a bit naughty! According to research, since the first lockdown in 2020 54.5% of people have been sexting more than ever. The main idea behind sexting is feeling sexy AND comfortable, so don’t feel the need to engage with someone sending a suggestive message or errant abs pic if you don’t want to.

A Short Glossary Of Online Dating Terms

Ok, so now we have some of our key dating advice down, it’s time to take on what they are really saying to you. As we use online dating more and more, we invent more and more terms for the weird, wonderful and sometimes plain rude behaviour of our potential matches (just so you know, it’s minus points if you’ve done any of the bad ones yourself)!
  • Benching - Benching is putting someone on the benches for if your main relationship doesn’t work out.
  • Breadcrumbing - Sending a text every now and again to let them know you’re still there. If they never want to meet but keep sending messages, you’re being breadcrumbed.
  • Catfishing - A classic. Their pictures don’t match the person in front of you. Call Nev and Max immediately.
  • Cuffing Season - Imagine this: the winter months are drawing in and it’s getting colder. All you want is someone to cuddle up with near a fire - but you don’t want them forever so you’ll break up by spring.
  • Curve - Being rejected.
  • Cushioning - Similar to benching, it’s cushioning your fall when you’re current relationship doesn’t go to plan with the loving arms of… someone else you’ve been talking to the whole time.
  • DTR - Define the relationship. Are we a couple? Are we serious? Put a label on it!
  • Freckling - The opposite of cuffing season, think sitting in a park and hot summer nights.
  • Genderfluid - As we all know, gender is a construct and dating someone genderfluid means that their gender identity shifts depending on the day.
  • Ghosting - The disappearing act that someone does after a date. It’s almost as if they were never there.
  • Haunting/Zombie-ing - Have you ever been on a date only to be ghosted, but then two months later they message you back saying: ‘Sorry I’ve been so busy with work! We should go out again sometime.’ and so you go out, only for them to ghost you all over again? Well then, you’ve been haunted (or zombie-d, whichever you prefer).
  • Love Bombing - That special someone is being so lovely, messaging all the time, telling you how wonderful you are… then nothing. Similar to ghosting, love bombing is much more intense and much more brutal when it all suddenly stops.
  • Non-Binary - Non-binary people feel that their gender can’t be defined by the labels of man or woman.
  • Pansexual - Pansexual people are attracted to people no matter how they identify on the gender spectrum - it’s all about connection!
  • Polyamory - Some people acknowledge that they can’t or don’t want to get all their fulfilment from one romantic relationship, so they have multiple at the same time. That’s polyamory.
  • Roaching - When someone hides the fact that they are seeing other people, usually claiming that they didn’t know you were monogamous.
  • Situationship - Labels can be so hard, if you want to be with someone without the pressure of labelling it, a situationship might be for you.
  • Slow Fade - Essentially what it says on the tin, the replies get slower, they get busier and busier until they can’t see you anymore. It’s drawn-out ghosting.
  • Thirsty - Giving off the impression that you’re desperate for sex. Not seen as a good look.
  • Wokefishing - When someone says they have liberal views, e.g. a profile about LGBTQ+ rights, but in reality they don’t practice what they preach.
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