Dating can seem daunting sometimes, but if you get the little things right you could find yourself enjoying your date far more than you thought possible. Our Dating Advice for Women section is packed with the answers to all those questions you’ve been dying to ask. From the tell-tale signs that you’ve met your perfect match, to how to stay safe when dating, how to get a boyfriend – we’ve got all bases covered with our must-read dating advice.

Pick-Up Lines

Bashful or brazen sometimes you just have to go for it! No girl should leave home without a killer pick-up line in her back-pocket to secure a date in any situation. Follow our need to know pick-up lines for easy ways to get the guy. Come on girls, let’s show them how it’s done.

The One

Falling in ‘lust’ is one thing, but knowing when you’re onto the real deal isn’t always so easy. If you think you’re falling for someone you’ve been spending time with, we’ve got 5 dating tips to tell if the man you’re dating is Mr Right

Text Tips

If you’re just getting started with dating, then knowing when to text and what to say to your date can be tricky. Should you play it cool? Text him first? Text him at all? These are all things we’ve wondered, but how should we really been playing it? Our dedicated texting guide, Texting Your Date – Rules That Should Never Be Broken, provides an easy to follow introduction on how and when to text your date, and how to stay free from mind games and unnecessary heartache!

Safe Dating

There’s a lot to think about ahead of a first date; what to wear and what to talk about are important, but what about dating safely. Here at we’ve put together some tips on how to date safely at a pace that’s right for you. From choosing the right venues, to making sure you’re friends know who you’re meeting with, our Dating Safety Tips advice can help you start dating with confidence.

What is He Thinking?

Trying to work out what’s going on in his mind can be tricky. Wondering whether he’s genuinely into you or if he’ll ask you for a second date can be both exciting and frustrating. You might be getting mixed signals, which is why we’ve done the research to investigate what he’s really thinking and put together a few pointers for you to look out for, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

What to Wear

With a hot date lined up, there’s no time for a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Picking out an outfit for your date ahead of time can save you unnecessary anxiety. The decision on whether to choose a demure, sexy or casual outfit is something the team have been asked countless times. The trick is getting the balance right and feeling comfortable in what you’ve chosen –Take a look at our How to Dress for a Date and Five Fashion Fixes to Seduce your Date fashion guides, to make sure you look and feel your absolute best!

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