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Why Men Say They’ll Call But Never Do

Why Men Say They’ll Call But Never Do

So, you’ve had an amazing date; you’ve laughed lots, exchanged fascinating facts and stories and heck – he’s even gone as far as initiating a second date – but then he doesn’t call. Why?
When a man doesn’t call, we often fill our heads with all sorts of negative thoughts but all we’re doing is putting ourselves down.
Ladies, it can happen to us all. But why does it happen and what does it mean? We look at the most common reasons why men say they’ll call but never do.

He’s Just Being Nice

Men often say they’ll call because they think they should – like it’s part of the dating script.
The likelihood is that your date doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or humiliate you, however, what he doesn’t realise is that he could actually be prolonging your hopes and expectations.
Think about it this way though – wouldn’t you find it easier to say “I’ll call you” than admit that “you’re just not that into him”? Thought so. But while honesty is the best policy, in instances like these we should cut the boys some slack – they’re just trying to be nice.

He Doesn’t Want The Same Things As You

This may sound a little odd as you’re both dating, but it might be the case that the man you met just isn’t after the same things as you.
Although it feels confusing and hurtful at the time, not calling you back is actually just his way of hinting that he’s just not in the same boat as you.
But really ladies, do you want to continue dating someone who wants different things? Somewhere down the line you will realise that he was actually doing you a favour.

He’s Changed His Mind

He had a great time dating you too, but having slept on it he might have had a sudden change of heart.
Whether he sensed mixed signals on the date or he just isn’t ready to meet a keeper like you, he might find it easier not to call at all, rather than set the record straight.

He’s Lost Your Number

This might sound like we’re making excuses for him, but he may well have accidentally lost your number.
If he forgot to press “save” when taking your number or left his mobile on the bus, he might not have a way of contacting you. Let’s hope he learns from his mistake!

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