Love them or hate them, these funny chat up lines could seriously damage your dating success and love life…
I know that we haven’t all been blessed with the gift of wit and nerves of steel, much less the skills required to
I've been on a lot of dates but I've never had anyone using any pick-up lines on me. I'm kind of gutted about this; it
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Pick-up lines - argh, now there’s a tricky one. On the one hand, when dating has become such an app-based activity, I
The problem with being a woman is that it is sometimes frowned upon to take the initiative. Don’t get me wrong, I
It may not be the fairy-tale set-up we envisioned, but with opportunities to meet new people fizzing around us all the
Sometimes you are just a question away from starting a relationship. So what stops us? Striking up a conversation with
 Will these chat-up lines impress comedian Diane Morgan?