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    Looking for something serious dating-wise can seem an impossible task nowadays. There’s endless hookup dating sites and apps that promise the world and somehow always fall short. Here at Match, we’re over it. We’re committed to finding people someone they can really get along with. Spending time with someone you really like is just as important as keeping the passion lit! As the most well established serious dating site, we’ve been delighted to bring together thousands of couples over the years – and you could be next. Sign up to Match’s free online dating site and/or today to find something serious and real with a person who really suits you.

    Thousands of people have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?
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    Why Choose Match to Start your Serious Dating Journey?

    We’re not just here to help you online date other serious singles, using our app or website, you can browse matches or even attend a Match night or event. These give you the opportunity to meet other serious singles in your area and are held in cities across the country.

    Joining Match is free, just set up your profile and start looking at people in your area who share your loves, loathes and woes. Finding a new relationship might not always be your goal, but you can use Match to find friends near you too (who says going on friendly dates is a bad thing!). Even though you might be looking for something more serious than a hookup, there’s nothing wrong with having fun and going on a few dates to test the waters a little!

    How Do I Find Serious Singles On Match?

    We won’t lie: Dating when you’re trying to find something more serious is a bit of a slog! Luckily for you, Match is here to help. Using our dating site and app for serious singles, we can help you to find people who really suits you. Whether it starts with a short chat at one of our events or a quick online message introducing yourself, relationships can be made and broken within minutes – especially when you’re not searching for the same connection.

    That’s why we’ve made sure our site is a place where people can have fun, feel safe and date with the confidence that the person they are dating is looking for more than a quick fling. Find matches that are looking for something a bit more long-lasting, with the option to just stay friends. You’ll have plenty in common if you use our specialised filters and advanced search functions to find users who have similar interests to you.

    It’s easy to join Match, just set up your profile for free, add in a bit of information about yourself and start swiping (if you’re using our app, if you’re using our site then get to clicking!). When someone matches with you, you can start chatting to them and see where it takes you! Remember that not everyone is for you and you should always have in mind your priorities and your love for yourself at the forefront of your online dating journey.

    Setting Up Your Match Profile To Start Dating Serious singles

    Getting your online dating profile all set up just takes a minute. Just put in your details, some information about who you are and add some pictures and you’re ready to go! We appreciate that when it comes to pictures it can be a bit intimidating choosing which images to put out there, so we have a few tips for perfecting the pics you post:

    • Include photos of you doing your hobbies: Show off your personality a little! If you’re a pottery lover, feel free to add in some pictures of you crafting the perfect piece. If you’re more of a fan of climbing, get a friend to take some snaps of you scaling. It’s best to have some pictures that show you doing what you love – and hopefully people will follow suit.
    • Don’t overuse filters: We’ve all seen those dating profiles on the apps! People using a filter in every single image just means that you don’t know what they look like. It can be hard to drop the filter sometimes, but it’s best to be your authentic self and show what you really look like. Think of it this way: when you go out on a date, your date will be able to recognise you!
    • Have at least one image of all of you: It’s not particularly natural to have a full-length image of yourself to hand at all times, but one on your online dating profile certainly helps. Meeting people online can be a little scary, so it’s best that they get a whole image of you. If you feel that someone is discriminating against you because of the way you look, a disability or the information on your profile, it is important that you report them to our moderators so that we can weed out all the bad eggs! We want serious, open-minded singles who are looking for a person, not a stereotype.
    • Use new (and real) pics: There’s not much more to be said! Using older pictures on your online dating profile puts people off. You might only have older images of yourself but don’t be afraid to have fun, go out with a friend and have a little photoshoot in the park or just ask someone to take a picture of you somewhere you really like going. Having fresh pictures of yourself avoids making other people feel like you’ve catfished them (and who hasn’t found out who they’re talking to isn’t exactly real before on dating apps, we know it doesn’t feel good).
    • Remember to smile!: Smiling is the key to the soul. Showing off your smile means that people find you real, friendly and more approachable. There’s nothing worse than reading someone’s profile, finding them interesting, then looking at their pictures only to discover that they take themselves incredibly seriously. Everyone should be up for a laugh! And hopefully you can make your dates smile just as wide as you will be in your profile.
    • Avoid an all-selfie extravaganza: Self-love? Great. Self-obsession? Not so hot. Going out on a date with people who just take pictures of themselves all the time is very off-putting to most people, especially serious singles who are looking to start a meaningful relationship. Having a good self-awareness and image is really hot! Communicating openness and true inner confidence is better done with sharing your passions, the person inside and letting your best side shine – maybe just not always on your front-facing camera.

    After you’ve set up your profile, you are free to start making matches! Depending on what you want and who you’d like to date, our site and app can find people who share your love of books, or disdain for the local football team who just can’t ever seem to win. Whether you like women who love women or men who bring out the best in you, using Match, you can find serious singles who are looking to date real people like you. We are committed to actively fighting inequality and prejudice on dating sites and apps and our block and report features are here for you if you find someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t hesitate to get into contact with us if you feel unsafe and we will resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as we can. Just because you’re online dating doesn’t mean you need to put up with harassment or unfair treatment.

    If you’re in need some extra advice or some first date tips to combat those inevitable nerves, like how to make your profile more easy to use or how exactly to sign up to Match’s free online dating site, check out our advice page and we will certainly have something to help out!

    Join The Match Site and App Today and Get Dating!

    If you’re keen to start your online dating journey with Match, register for free today. Use your knowledge of how to tell if someone likes you to give yourself a head start! Check out more of our expert dating advice, like how to ask a girl out, or our complete step-by-step guide to how to flirt. Sign up to Match today to start something real online and meet people like you!

    Online dating doesn’t have to be serious, but it’s best to meet people who are looking for and want the same things as you. We know how important it is that you find a person who you don’t just like, but want to start something that can take you somewhere new. Joining Match is the best way to meet serious people near you, start dating members who are interested in you for you and meet other (perhaps more mature people than other online dating apps and sites) people who can go on your dating journey with you and even have some fun along the way!

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!