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    Ok, we’ll say it: dating when you’re older can be exhausting. There’s an endless parade of senior dating sites promising to find every single person over 50 near you – and they never find the right people!

    Here at Match, we prioritize your dating needs. If you’re looking for love over 50, life isn’t always so simple! We know that using dating sites might be new to some over a certain age, so we at Match are here to offer our support and advice to our senior singles.

    Dating isn’t all so serious though! Dating over 50 doesn’t have to be a slog, and if you’re just searching new friends, we can help with that too. Just set up your profile and let people know that you’re not looking for love yourself (or just yet) and we will do the rest.

    Dating has many diverse goals. Some seniors date to test getting back into the dating game, other silver singles date to look for the second, third or fourth love of their lives and there is a whole dating spectrum in between.

    Thousands of seniors have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?

    Why Choose Match to Start your Senior Dating Journey?

    We here at Match are the UK’s best-known dating site and are experts in bringing people together in long-lasting, fulfilling partnerships. It’s free to sign up, whether you’re wanting to date or just to find a new companion, travel mate, or activity partner. Register today to your senior dating journey by filling in a quick survey on what you’re searching. Start browsing local single seniors now!

    Our advanced search feature makes it possible to filter searches by particular interests so you know you’ll have something in common that you’re both passionate about. You could find a new theatre buddy or someone to travel and explore new towns, or even countries, with. Senior dating is all about finding that deep-rooted connection with someone who shares your outlook on life.

    Simply sign up here today on our senior dating page to reach your potential matches. As a member of Match there are even more ways to meet people. You can browse senior singles on the website, use the mobile app, or attend our Match singles nights and events, giving you a great opportunity to mingle with other senior singles in a casual setting. We’re serious about the protection of personal information, so rest assured you can join us worry-free.

    Thousands of people have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?
    • Kate & Phil
    • Jason & Victoria
    • Simon & Alina
    • Alexander & Bethan
    • Talitha & David
    • Nigel & Sally
    • Christie & Will
    • Kate & Paul
    • Wendy & Gareth
    • Gemma & Javier
    • Andy & Maxine
    • Jo and Paul
    • Doug and Jo
    • Steve and Diana
    • Liam & Su
    • Dean & Polly
    • Belinda and Keith
    • Jamie and Kathryn
    • Damian & Marsha
    • Alan & Carrieanne
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    What is Senior Online Dating Really Like?

    Mature dating offers you a fun, relaxing community environment where you can meet interesting people either online or at our dedicated activities. You can get to know them better through our safe online chat feature before you decide to take the plunge and meet them in real life. We’ll offer you profiles who match your interests, location and search criteria, so you can be sure you’ll always have plenty in common.

    As an active, confident person over 50 you know what matters to you, and also what doesn’t! At Match, you can have fun, find new friends and also dating singles in your area – if that’s what you’re looking for. But we know that using serious online dating sites could be a whole new world for you, so we’re right by your side throughout your dating journey, helping you make meaningful connections with fascinating people – and maybe meet them in real life.

    Whether you’re a single parent looking to date again or a divorcee who is putting themselves out there for the first time in a while, Match is here to help you meet like-minded people who might be looking for someone just like you.

    How do I use Match to Start Dating Seniors Near Me?

    Just set up your profile by adding some photos, a couple of things about you and start looking for senior singles near you. Look for friends or something more, but make sure to add in some information about your likes and dislikes so that you can find people who share something in common with you.

    After you’ve signed up for our free dating site or app and set up your profile, you can start swiping! When you’ve found a match, you can begin chatting to them and find out a bit more about your local singles. If you find someone you like, you can ask them out – we know you know when someone is worth meeting! Dating seniors isn’t all we do though, if you’re just looking for new friends you can sign up to Match for free and whether you’re looking for singles or mingles we are here to provide some new seniors like you.

    A Little Advice For Women Dating Over 50

    Senior dating is about being yourself. But there are so many questions when looking for something real when you’re older. Just because there’s someone else looking for love, does that mean that they are the one for you? How do you know if you really like someone or if it’s just lust?

    Honestly, age shouldn’t hold you back. Dating sites exist simply to encourage people to start dating, not because senior dating is a different brand of online dating altogether. Some people in their 20s visit sites and sign up to paid memberships to find older adults, serious love, flings and more whereas others download free versions and visit dating websites as a way to find something serious. Others look for a Christian mingle or search specifically for Islamic dates to match their religious beliefs and lifestyles and it is no different for seniors. We are all looking for comfort and affection at the end. The dating pool is huge and there are elite singles in every corner.

    When you’re online dating you have to ask yourself do you want passion, companionship, sex, or romantic relationships? Just knowing what you want is the best way to date as a senior. Remember to stay true to yourself and be excited by the things you love! If online dating is a new experience for you, the best thing is to enjoy someone else’s presence and get the best out of each other by living in the present. Finding seniors near you has never been so easy, so if you’re looking for someone you really like or just a few new people to chat to, Match can find single seniors near you.

    And Some For The Senior Sailors Too…

    There’s a lot of wisdom in treating each phase of dating differently. It’s impossible to discern someone’s true character in a week of chatting to them online. Before you commit yourself, to someone new, browse lots of profiles, meet a variety of senior singles and enjoy exploring. When it’s appropriate, let one special relationship develop and deepen over time – and after you’ve met in real life, not just online. Don’t worry, there are plenty of seniors like you in the sea of dating sites. Just because you’re a little older than the hook-up dating sites, it doesn’t mean you need to rush things! Enjoy yourself and start looking for someone who really suits you.

    Where to Go For a Senior Date?

    Again, age is not a restriction here. Feel free to go wherever you please and tickle your fancy! Be it a coffee date or to your favourite bagel joint, bowling alley or independent house cinema. Find the perfect match wherever you feel the most comfortable – that’s key to the best dating experience, senior or not senior!

    Just because you met on a dating app and through an online dating experience doesn’t mean that all the old school romance should be erased from the experience. As older adults we understand the value in sentimental situations and other potential senior matches will identify the same. The mobile app is simply to act as a dating facilitator for seniors to meet elite singles by visiting the site but once the date is manifested into existence, you can be as non-digital and romantic as you like!

    Join Match’s Online Dating Site Today And Start Dating Seniors You Really Like

    At we wish you all the best success with your senior dating journey. We want to deliver the best online dating experience and maybe even change your opinion on dating sites! We promote individuality and optimism as well as great connection. Senior dating sites don’t need to be something to be afraid of – or even to just look for dates on! Sign up for our senior dating site today and inject a little more fun into your life and start exploring our senior dating site.

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!