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    Interested in dating older men and women?

    No matter your age, situation or location, Match is made for you. Thanks to Britain’s beautifully diverse population and Match’s large community of singles, finding your special someone who is either much older or younger couldn’t be easier. Match’s services are open to everyone and offer a variety of selections and options for successful dating.

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    You may be asking yourself: how can I find an older man or woman to date?

    Luckily, Match acts as a dating site for younger people to find older men and women to date and visa versa. Depending on where you are based in the UK, it may be easier or more difficult to match with older men and women who are eligible – but Match is here to help. Thanks to its AI-powered search engine, Match works as a great and effective dating site for older and/or younger matches. Once you log on, the search engine uses filters which allow you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s age, profession, gender and location.

    Match helps singles find and build meaningful, solid and long lasting relationships and different people have different non-negotiables. A meaningful relationship starts with a strong foundation which, for some, stems from an age gap within the couple. Another great thing about Match is that the search engine’s artificial intelligence allows you to check out the geographical proximity of your match. You therefore won’t only find an older or younger match, but one that doesn’t live too far away. Many of these find-an-older-man sites might seem dubious and many can be more dangerous than romantically beneficial. Furthermore, most times, where there’s a site where people are looking for one attribute, in this case solely an older or much younger partner, it isn’t realistic. With Match’s finessed and accurate search engine, many of these sketchy issues are avoided where they can be, and a diverse selection of requirements and statistics are provided.

    For younger singles, it is easy to feel judged for wanting to find an older partner and the same goes for older singles looking to date those much younger. Society tends to mock and judge women for seeking a match with a significant age gap: younger women are labelled gold diggers – suggesting they only seek older men for financial benefits – and older women are considered cougars – the noun itself suggests they prey on the young in a manipulative fashion. There are almost no such male equivalents, and if there are they are used in a much rarer fashion. This isn’t to say that men are never judged for dating with an age gap – they are indeed – it’s just that most of the disapproving stare tends to be directed towards the woman.

    In an era where online dating sites are soaring in popularity, we rarely judge a person for basing their first romantic impression on the physical attractiveness of the single they’re presented with – and rightly so! For this same reason, a person attracted to people of a different generation should never be judged.

    An age gap can offer a multitude of benefits from both sides. An older person looking to date younger people may be swayed to do so as it makes them feel young. A young man may have strong muscles and more sexual stamina and young people in general tend to be filled with a sense of optimism and passion for the future which can be inspiring to those later in life. There is also less pressure from a young partner to start a family and buy a house as they have several more years before this type of financial and familial commitment kicks into gear. However, this doesn’t mean either party has to sacrifice emotional commitment. For an older person who has already settled down and had their family, this element can be extremely attractive.

    On the other hand, younger singles may feel compelled to use older dating sites as they feel that an older partner can offer financial stability, wisdom, advice and a sense of protection that perhaps – or perhaps not – their own parents and family cannot offer them.

    A top tip for when you’re starting to date a much older or younger person is to be confident. Just because they are older and wiser or younger, or healthier and more conventionally attractive, it doesn’t mean that they’re better than you, and they are sure to find you superbly attractive if you start the relationship on an equal playing field. Most partners, no matter their age, want to be with someone who sees themself as both beautiful and sexy, smart, understanding and kind.

    On the other hand, and this may sound obvious, but it is very important to not come across as patronising in regards to age. Age is a very sensitive topic and society and modern media make constant attempts to make us all feel bad about our age whether it’s suggesting young people of today are lazy or shaming elder people for having wrinkles and having outdated interests – you can’t win! For this reason, younger singles should avoid commenting on how young or old their older date looks. Similarly they should not laugh or patronise the elder single’s cultural knowledge – yes, sixty-year-olds can get down to Dua Lipa too! This also applies to older singles’ treatment of their young dates. A younger partner should not be knocked for being naive, inexperienced or unaccomplished.

    What’s beautiful about meeting a much older or younger single on a dating site is that both parties know that their age pleases their date. Both singles are invested because they have specifically chosen someone of a certain age for the benefits it brings them so neither party should feel insecure about the age gap and this creates a strong and confident foundation.

    Match understands the unique challenges singles are presented with when it comes to looking for and dating an older or younger partner and is well equipped to help you find the partner you’ve been waiting for.

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!