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    So, you want to meet a millionaire?

    No matter your financial situation or background, Match is made for you. Thanks to Britain’s beautifully diverse population and Match’s large community of singles, finding your special someone who shares your work ethic or who can financially support you is made that much easier. Match’s services are open to everyone and offer a variety of selections and options for successful dating.

    You may be asking yourself: how can I find a rich man or woman online for free? Luckily, Match acts as a dating site for finding rich men and women to date. Depending on where you are based in the UK it may be easier or more difficult to find and match with rich men and women with a six figure salary or above. Match is here to help. Thanks to its AI-powered search engine, Match works as a great and effective dating site for rich men and women. Once you log on, the search engine uses filters which allow you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s income, profession, age, gender and location.

    Match helps singles find and build meaningful, solid and long lasting relationships and different people have different obligatory requirements. For some, a meaningful relationship starts with a strong foundation which comes from financial security and prosperity. As we all know, however, money isn’t everything but when an authentic connection is paired with a financial safety blanket, the couple will be able to live life to the fullest!

    It is easy to feel judged for wanting to find a rich partner. Frankly, some of you may have read the title and cringed with good reason!

    Society tends to demonise and mock those who seek financial security in a relationship but what they don’t understand is that more often than not, money is not all the single is seeking just one of the requirements that makes them feel taken care of, loved and protected.
    In the 1953 movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” the viewer judges Marilyn Monroe’s character for almost the duration of the movie. She is portrayed as a shallow, materialistic and immature woman who is only interested in marrying a rich man and diamonds (they’re a girl’s best friend as she famously sang).
    However, Monroe’s character brilliantly and intellectually debunks this shallow portrayal of a woman’s desire to marry into wealth. She concludes the film with this famous line

    Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You may not marry a girl just because she’s pretty but my goodness, doesn’t it help!?

    In an era where online dating sites are soaring in popularity we rarely judge a person for basing their first romantic impression on the physical attractiveness of the single they’re presented with – and rightly so! What Monroe is saying in this quote is essentially that it’s the same when it comes to income. A good income isn’t the be-all-and-end-all – you still have to love the person for who they are – but it definitely helps some people feel protected.

    This attitude and approach is also attractive for the rich person in question. While it may give them confidence to know that you find their hard work and finances impressive and attractive, they don’t want to be defined by their wealth in the same way that someone would not want to be defined by their looks, ethnicity or job because although they’re incredibly proud of it, they’re so much more that. After all, the most attractive partners and strong connections are those which value each person in their all-rounded entity.

    Thousands of people have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?
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    Another great thing about Match is that the search engine allows you to check out the geographical proximity of your match. You therefore won’t only find a rich match but one that doesn’t live too far away. Many of these find-a-rich-guy sites might seem dubious and many can be more dangerous than romantically beneficial. Furthermore, most times, where there’s a site where people are looking for one attribute, in this case solely a high income, it isn’t realistic. With Match’s finessed and accurate search engine many of these sketchy issues are avoided where they can be and a diverse selection of requirements and statistics are provided.

    Something else to bear in mind when dating a rich person is to be understanding and supportive to all the stress they go through as someone who works a demanding and complex job. This requires a lot of listening and understanding. More often than not rich people make money through waking up every day with a sense of passion and this is a great quality in a potential partner! But with that sense of drive, passion and hard work comes many hurdles, both professional and emotional. As their potential romantic partner, it’s great if you can show how you would help to separate the lines between work and leisure, so that the rich person feels relaxed and supported in your presence – away from the worries of work.

    Another top tip for when you’re starting to date a rich person is to be confident. Just because they make more money than you doesn’t mean they’re better than you, and they are sure to find you superbly attractive if you start the relationship on an equal playing field. Furthermore, wealthy people are perfectionists by nature, and when it comes to their partner, they’ll likely look for a confident person who knows how well-rounded they are. Most likely, they want to be with someone who sees themself as both beautiful and sexy, smart, family-oriented, understanding, and kind.

    Match understands the unique challenges singles are presented with when it comes to looking for and dating a rich partner and is well equipped to help you find the wealthy partner you’ve been waiting for.

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!