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    Meet and Date Asian Singles in the UK – Start Asian Dating Today

    Let’s start with an easy question: What’re you interested in?

    Dating can be hard, there’s no doubt about it. But that’s not how we at Match see it. We believe in fun, finding someone who suits you and being interested in the people who you choose to date!

    If you’re looking for Asian dating in the UK, you’ve come to the right place too. Here at Match, we’ve helped people all over the UK start something special.

    It’s free to register here on our Asian dating page, so upload your profile photo, click to create your profile and start browsing our singles members’ profiles today using the Match site or our app.

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    Choose Match to start your Asian dating journey

    It’s not just about who you’re interested in, there’s lots of other things to consider when looking for the best Asian dating site for you.

    Here at Match, it’s simple: you can search for matches by age, nationality or language, such as Indian, Chinese, Hindi or Mandarin, and thanks to our advanced criteria search features, you can find Asian singles who like the same things you do, share your language and your cultural background and use our chat feature to start getting to know them.

    What’s more, our clever search filters also let you search by age and interests, so whether you’re looking for a partner who shares your taste in reading or a professional who enjoys nights on the town, we’re here to help you find someone who wants to snuggle up for a night in or spend a day out.

    As a single on Match, you have more ways to start to chat to people. You can browse for Asian singles on the website, use the mobile app or attend our Match nights and events, giving you a great opportunity to meet like-minded Asians in your area.

    Browse Profiles of Single Asians on Match

    With singles located all over the UK, Match can help you chat with Asian people in your local area. When you sign up, you can do a criteria search of profiles for free in your area on our app or online to see if there’s anyone you’d like to get to know a little bit more. By using our unique filters and clicking through profiles of users near you, you can browse matches near to you and start going on dates and having fun with singles in your area.

    What’s even better is that signing up to Match is free! To start Asian dating right now, all you need to do is create a profile and start swiping on our app (or click, if you’re using our online sites). For us it’s less about the emojis and casual dating and more about finding partners you can have fun and celebrate life alongside. Enough of the fatigue from hook-ups and let-downs! We want some real experiences and fun dates.

    Advice for Asian Women Looking to Start Dating

    Trying to impress someone on that first date can be intimidating, but our online dating experts have all the tips and tricks for Asian women dating online.

    As an Asian woman dating in the UK, avoiding things like cultural fetishism when you’re on dates can be a minefield – just one watch of Rina Sawayama’s STFU video and that’s enough said. To combat racial profiling we have reporting and reward systems to let you know whether someone you’re chatting with is genuine. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or if you suspect that someone is using disingenuous photos, you can use our report feature to tell us about it. We take each report seriously and work with you to ensure that you always feel at ease using your Match account. We will review your report and take action if it is necessary.

    Don’t worry if you suffer from first date nerves either! First off, your date has already seen your photo! And with our expert dating advice letting you in on our makeup tips or some of the best traditional Asian recipes to surprise your special someone, our dating site has all the support you need to get reading and feeling yourself more than ever before your big night (or day) out ????????‍♀️

    Remember that communication is key and being clear in what you want from your dating journey will lead to better dates and more worthwhile experiences.

    Are You a Man Trying Out Asian Dating Apps for the First Time? Here Are Some Tips…

    For the guys, it’s all about taking the time to get to know someone. As our Asian dating advisor Nina puts it: “Go into the date with the mind set that you’re meeting a new friend”. Chat about a woman’s best holiday ever or what their favourite film is, then try to remember all the information they tell you to plan fun dates that you know the women (and men, and everyone else) will love! Being considerate and thoughtful is always a must when you’re dating anyone. Remember that even for the guys, girls and theys that Asian dating apps can be tricky to navigate, and there are minefields of people looking to fetishise people for their culture and appearance, but, here on Match, we have a verification process that keeps you safe and free from harassment with just a click whilst you enjoy getting to know someone new!

    The key to impressing your date is to listen to them. Enjoy the process of getting to know someone new and finding out who they are and what they’re interested in. Don’t treat dates like auditions or impress your future plans on them too much; otherwise, you risk not letting them express themselves, and it could hamper your ability to find someone who really suits you – the more fun you have the more they’ll be able to feel comfortable around you and shys/giow the best side of themselves!

    How Do I Start Asian Dating in the UK?

    In the eternal words of Nike: Just do it. Setting up your account and finding out who is interested in you is just the first step, going out on dates and sharing your interests at one of our Match events or just in real life is the next one, but the ultimate goal is to have fun! Meet people who you can laugh with and maybe even something more.

    It can be difficult looking for someone who fits in with your professional and personal lifestyle and outlook on life and a partner who wants to meet the family, so don’t put all that pressure on yourself ???????? take things at your own pace and keep in mind that not every date is going to be the best one you’ve ever had. All that matters is that you’re enjoying your romantic life.

    Looking to Start Asian Dating in the City? Match Has Your Back

    From London to Loughborough, there are Asian singles from all over the UK on Match ready to start real stories today.

    With plenty of date ideas right at your fingertips on our online, free dating advice page – have a quick view of our top five Asian restaurants in London for some quick inspiration and great views – we’re here to help you every step of the way. From how to combat those first message nerves to how to start navigating an interracial relationship, we have tips and handy life guides to help you navigate your Asian dating journey. Information is the key to confidence!

    Sign Up to Start Your Asian Dating Journey Today!

    Join to Match today to start online Asian dating in your area. View the profiles of people who align with your preferences and register with our Match events to get meeting singles in the real world.

    It can feel like most Asian dating sites can feel like forced and performative, but join Match today and meet committed singles who fit in with your criteria, and don’t forget that dating should be respectful, fun and truthful. No matter what your age, ethnicity or identity.


    P.S. Thanks for reading, have fun and happy dating!

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