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    We’re not going to pretend dating is easy nowadays – with hookup apps and casual dating sites taking over, dating can feel harder than ever. Whether you’re looking for something new or just starting to date women for the first time, Match is here to help you. If you’re interested in lesbian dating London style, just follow our quick guide.

    Find Serious Lesbian Singles To Date in London

    Did you know that there are currently 1.4 million people in the UK who identify as LGB (unfortunately, those are the only options for sexuality on the census)? So, it should be easy to enjoy all the lesbian dating London has to offer, right? Well, even though there are plenty of people out there, it can feel like every dating app is throwing random people who you have nothing in common with at you!

    Scrolling through profiles for hours on your phone is not exactly what we’re looking for, so we curate the profiles that you’ll see. Not only will you be suggested people based on their interests and ideals, but you can also add hobbies and politics to your profile to help you find someone who is truly great.

    Resources for the LGBTQI+ Community in London

    Lesbian dating in London can be fun and liberating, but it’s important for the members of the LGBTQI+ community to know that they have support and access to support whilst they are in the city. Here are a few resources for queer people in London:

    • Galop

    Galop is the UK’s LGBTQI+ abuse charity. If you are or have suffered emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual violence or hate crime, Galop provide an initial touchpoint to signpost people to other organisations and work to protect LGBTQI+ people through policy change.

    • Pink Therapy

    The UK’s largest independent therapy organisation that focuses on LGBTQI+ individuals, Pink Therapy has a directory of therapists, a wealth of knowledge and can train people to help their local LGBTQI+ communities too.

    • elop

    An LGBTQI+ holistic centre that offers emotional and support services. Going for more than 14 years, elop prioritises health and wellbeing as well as the acceptance of the whole self through therapy, training and advice.

    Lesbian Date Ideas in London

    It’s no secret that there’s a lack of women-only spaces in London. With clubs like She and LICK and the ever-present Heaven night out, lesbians trying to date outside of clubs in London can feel like an afterthought. To make things a little easier, here are some great date night ideas for lesbians and women who love women in London:

    Food and Drink

    • Dalston Superstore

    Most people think of Dalston Superstore as a great night out with DJs, dancing and regrettable tequila shots, but Dalston Superstore is so much more than that. As a multipurpose venue and advocate for the local queer community, Dalston Superstore also does an entirely vegan menu and brunch too. Queer heaven!

    • Love Shack

    Friendly to everyone (including dogs), Love Shack is a vegan restaurant in Cambridge Heath. Focused on sustainability and kindness, the restaurant is welcoming and the cocktails are delicious.

    • The Chocolate Cocktail Club

    There’s nothing sexier than chocolate, right? The Chocolate Cocktail Club is a bar in Farringdon run by a same-sex couple. If your date is a little fancy and a chocolate lover, there’s nowhere else they’d rather go.

    Out and About

    • Queer Walking Tours

    Billed as “a mince through town”, Queer Walking Tours shines a light on the (oftentimes hidden) LGBTQI+ history of London. Encouraging queer power and supporting London’s queer campaigns, the walking tours take place all over London – just check their calendar.

    • Gay’s The Word

    The UK’s oldest LGBTQI+ bookshop, the space was originally set up by queer socialists as a community enterprise. The books are curated by the dedicated stage and the events are legendary – going all the way back to the start in 1979.

    • Go and see a West End show

    As gay as you can get – a musical! Maybe that’s a stereotype for gay men, but we can never say no to watching Les Mis for the 1,000th time. You get to dress up too!

    Staying In

    • Screen On The Green

    The cinema is a date night classic. Perhaps better as a second or third date (you won’t be able to speak), the Screen On The Green is the best place to take a date for a couple of hours. With comfortable sofas and table service (plus: wine!), you can snuggle up close and even steal a few kisses during the screening.

    • Platform Gaming Bar

    Platform is very clear about their stance on inclusion: no matter who you are, if you like games, they like you. Not everyone in London has a way of playing games, and video games are like the new board games, right? Take a date here for some competitive fun with pizza and beer.

    • Colours Hoxton

    Hosting everything from drag nights, life drawing classes, wellbeing workshops and LGBTQI+ mixers, Colours is a queer friendly multi-event space in East London. The venue also has some of the best lesbian nights in London and plenty of gigs to go to each week.

    Start Your Journey to Lesbian Dating in London

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