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10 signs he’s losing interest

10 signs he's losing interest

Can you feel him drifting away?
If you’re still smitten with your man it can be heartbreaking to notice that he doesn’t seem to be as into it anymore. Here are the signs to look out for if you’re worried he might leave.

1. Like there’s no tomorrow
If he avoids talking about your future as a couple – be it nights out, holidays or getting married –it may be that he’s starting to have doubts about the relationship so feels uncomfortable making plans. It may even be that he’s already decided to end it and feels bad stringing you along.

2. Unhappy families
Not wanting to spend time with your family or close friends is another sign someone is looking for the exit. If he’s plotting his escape, being matey with your relatives is the last thing he’ll want to do. This kind of bonding will make him feel two-faced and guilty.

3. Communication breakdown
When a relationship is on the slide, the first thing to go is the communication. If your man is getting cold feet, you’ll find yourself doing the lion’s share of calling, texting and emailing. Likewise, the time he takes to respond will get longer and longer.

4. Busy bee
If your boyfriend is full of reasons why he can’t see you, alarm bells should ring. His excuses may seem legitimate but if he’s into you, he’d find a way round the problem.

5. On the warpath
Are you arguing more? This could be because he wants out, but doesn’t know how to make the break. Instead he picks fights as a way of venting his confusion and frustration. By the same token, it could be because he’s re-evaluated you and decided he doesn’t like what he sees.

6. Second best
If he starts comparing you unflatteringly to others, the end might be nigh. Disparaging remarks are likely to point to deeper feelings he’s keeping to himself. And these feelings could well be that he’s decided he wants something else and feels trapped.

7. Not so special
No doubt there are some things your man does which make your heart melt but when is the last time you felt like that? If it’s been a while, the chances are his feelings are changing.

8. Cold shoulder
If he’s reluctant to be intimate his feelings could be on the wane. And it’s not just sex he’ll go off. Avoidance of hugs, kisses and hand holding are all signs that – for him at least – the spark has gone.

9. Scruff to buff
Has the scruffy man you met suddenly acquired some new – and surprisingly trendy – new clothes? A growing concern for his appearance could mean a change of mind – and heart – as he begins to look elsewhere.

10. Not a jealous guy
No one likes a possessive partner but if the man in your life stops caring about your colleague he’s convinced has carnal intentions, it could spell trouble. It may mean he no longer wants you himself – or even that he’d like someone to take you off his hands.

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