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Would you survive a relationship meltdown?

Would you survive a relationship meltdown?

Are you the type who’ll battle to keep their relationship on course, bolt at the first sign of trouble or turn into an emotional wreck when things hit the skids? Find out by taking our quiz.

1) Your partner comes home and reveals they’ve lost their job. How do you react?
a) Tell them it’s a blessing in disguise and a great opportunity to do something new.
b) Get upset and start fretting about financial matters.
c) Pretend to sympathise but deep down resent them for putting you both under such huge financial pressure.

2) What would you do if you found out your partner was having an affair?
a) Confront them and talk things through. There’s every chance you might be able to patch things up.
b) Get drunk and go out on the pull.
c) Pack your bags.

3) Who controls the purse strings in your relationship?
a) I’m financially dependent on my partner.
b) We have a joint account that we both contribute to.
c) I earn my own money and that’s the way I like it.

4) How do you and your partner tackle bumps in the road?
a) We sit down and talk frankly about things until we come up with a solution.
b) We always end up arguing and not being able to come up with a solution.
c) We ignore it and hope the problem goes away.

5) Would you consider couple’s counselling if your relationship problems got too bad?
a) Yes, if it could help salvage our relationship.
b) Maybe as a last resort.
c) No, there’s no way we’d want to air our dirty laundry in front of someone else.

6) On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most, how happy would you say you are in your relationship?
a) 7 to10
b) 4 to 6
c) 1 to 3

7) Do you have a support network of friends outside of your relationship?
a) Yes, I have good friends whom I can always rely on in times of trouble.
b) I used to but we’ve all drifted apart lately.
c) No not really.

8) Is your family supportive of your relationship?
a) Yes.
b) They seem indifferent.
c) They actively dislike my other half.

9) Do you socialise with other groups of people outside of your relationship?
a) Yes often.
b) Sometimes.
c) No not much.

10) If your partner threatened to leave how do you think you’d react?
a) Persuade them to calm down and talk about things over a cuppa.
b) Get emotional and beg them to stay.
c) Get angry and tell them that if they don’t go you will.

Mostly a’s
You’re one of life’s battlers. Instead of fleeing at the first sign of trouble you dig your heels in and fight for your relationship. That’s great, but make sure you’re not just sticking around because you’re just too adamant to admit defeat.

Mostly b’s
Sounds like you let your heart rule your head. That can be a great asset but can also leave you emotionally vulnerable when the relationship turns sour. You need to start developing your own support network and socialising outside of your relationship a little more.

Mostly c’s
Your survival technique is to bolt at the first sign of trouble. We admire your self-preservations skills, but building a fortress around you makes you less emotionally available. Try opening up a little and forging some supportive friendships to help you through when things get difficult.

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