Depending on your personality, April Fools’ Day is either an exciting or terrifying prospect. If you tend towards the former and you want to take part in the festivities with someone you’ve just started dating, here are five jokes to play that will make them laugh…but also still want to see you again.

This is a good way to showcase your humor and break the ice with someone you don’t know very well. But, remember, there are plenty of stories about April Fools’ Day jokes gone horribly wrong, and you don’t want to join the list!

1. Keep Changing Your Clothes & Act Like Nothing’s Going On

The most time-consuming but worth-it joke — bring a few different shirts wherever you go and keep changing them throughout the date. The key is to act like nothing’s wrong. If you can’t keep a straight face, like me, then you might have trouble with this one and will want to choose another. You could also wear a bunch of stuff (a hat, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.) and one by one start putting them in your purse or pocket until they notice.

2. Leave a Note on Their Car Pretending It Was Hit

You’ll need to find a quick second to be alone by the windshield wipers to pull this off. You could purposefully leave your purse or wallet in the car and tell them you need to run back and get it. Then place the pre-written note on the car detailing a huge, accidental bash into their rear bumper, but you left because you were in a hurry. Don’t let this one go on for too long, though. You don’t want them to call the police or anything!

3. Hint at a Prank All Day…But Don’t Do Anything

My personal favorite. Start this joke off right away in the morning by telling them how much you love April Fools’ Day and have something planned for them. Keep sending them evil selfies, texts, GIFs, memes, and whatever else throughout the day, upping the ante each time. When you see each other later, keep talking like it still hasn’t happened and you can’t wait to see the look on their face. They’ll drive themselves crazy with paranoia.

4. The Good Ol’ Put a Fake Bug on Something

This is a pretty tame one, but it’s a classic. All you have to do is buy a small plastic insect and place it somewhere that’ll scare them. This could include their drink, their car, their couch, their shoulder, or anything like that. You can even prep for this joke before the date by asking them how they feel about bugs. If they hate them, you’re gold.

5. Bring Them “Brownies”

There’s a little more work required to this joke, but it’ll be worth it. Cut a bunch of Es out of brown coloured paper, put them in a container that looks like it would be for brownies, and tell them you made them something special. If you’re worried about them being disappointed that they’re aren’t really any brownies, especially if they have a sweet tooth, have some real backup ones just in case.

April Fools’ Day can be a lot of fun if you’re a trickster, but you may want to tread lightly if you’re with someone new (maybe you met them at a dating event, on a dating site or a friend introduced you). The jokes above should be the right balance of funny but nice. However, if you already know they’re not really into practical jokes, pick one of the more harmless ones or don’t do it at all. The goal is to be an interesting date and create a conversation-starter, not make them hate you.


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