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First date advice: How to break the ice on a first date

First date advice: How to break the ice on a first date

Does the thought of a first date have you breaking into a cold sweat? Are you having palpitations at the mere thought of making conversation with someone new? Relax, all you need are some simple ice breaker techniques to put you and your date at ease on that all important first date. Whether you’re dining at a posh eatery or having drinks at a your local pub, here are some handy tidbits of dating advice.

Break the ice with some first date pick-up lines

It’s the first date, so our advice is this: ask a few pick up-lines to break the tension, before either of you have a chance to let the conversation drift into an awkward silence. The best question to start with could well be ‘what’s your most embarrassing moment?’ – this is a chance to share something cringeworthy with your date, build a bond over a shared confidence and have a laugh. It’s a good test of your date’s sense of humour and the first of many chances to make them giggle.

Other great questions are:
• If you were a superhero, what power would you have?
• If you had three wishes what would they be?
• What’s the one song that always gets you on the dance floor – even if it’s your secret guilty pleasure?

If your still struggling then take a look at some more top first date conversation starters.

In dating, fun, light hearted and vaguely cheeky questions are going to work in your favour and get each of you to show your personalities early on in that first crucial date.

Keep things fun on a first date

Are you the shy type? Not great at conversation? Then don’t choose the type of date where you’ll be forced to sit face to face at a dinner table for two hours. To avoid drying up, or running out of witticisms, choose an activity which both of you can get stuck into and really enjoy yourselves. A cookery class, bowling, even going to the zoo, are all fun things to do which won’t leave you grappling with awkward silences. Take the pressure off by doing something along these lines and those first date nerves will melt away. If your still struggling for ideas then take a look at our top 15 alternative date ideas.

First dates should be short and sweet

Now for some lesser known first date advice: put a time limit on your date beforehand, and you should be more relaxed about getting through the date nerve-free. Deciding in advance exactly when you want to end the date has two functions, it serves to cut the date short on a high whilst both of you are having fun, and leaves your date wanting more, thus increasing your chances of a second date. Result!

What will NOT break the ice on the first date

Lastly, first date advice should also focus on what not to do. Your chances of a successful date will be diminished if you happen to do any of the following:
• Show up any more than fashionably late, if you know you struggle with this take a look at these techniques to avoid being late.
• Dress in a way that’s too outlandish or provocative, if you struggle with this, then here’s some fashion advice.
• Talk about the failings of your former partners
• Talking about how you’re doing on other dating websites.
• Constantly answer your phone or send text messages
• Don’t talk enough or make an effort with conversation


Most importantly, and perhaps the best advice of all, is to be yourself and relax. The chances are your date will follow suit and you’ll be in for a fabulous first date.

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