Dating tips for women: Top 4 tips for dating safely

There are lots of things to think about when you’re going on a first date. What to wear, where to go and what conversation topics to stick to are all things you might want to consider. What you may not have thought about though, is how to stay safe when you’re heading off to meet a date for the first time. Here are some dating tips on how to date safely.

Don’t be afraid to be the one to suggest the venue

The ideal first date is just long enough to find out whether you’d like to see each other again. So choose a venue and time that feels right for you. You’re far more likely to feel comfortable and confident if you choose a venue that you’re familiar with and which you can get to safely and easily. It’s absolutely fine to suggest a coffee date in your favourite town centre cafe, or a quick bite to eat over lunch rather than dinner. Less is definitely more on the first meeting, and the date should leave both of you wanting more.

Tell a friend your plans

Tell a friend or a family member your plans for the date. That means letting them know where you’ll be, who with, and what time you think you’ll be returning. If your friend or relative lives with you; all the better – they’ll be able to check that you got home safely by waiting up for you. Another good dating tip is to get a friend to call you midway through the night to check in; not only will this put your mind at rest, but it will also give you a convenient opportunity to end the date if you decide the other person is not for you.

Travel there yourself and choose a public place to meet

Whether you’ve met them online, through friends or at a bar – when you’re meeting someone for the first time it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Using public transport or your own car to get to the date is good dating practice on a number of levels. It means that you aren’t reliant on your date to drive you anywhere, and if you feel you want to leave for any reason before the date has ended, you’ll have a safe and reliable way to get home quickly.

Stay smart when drinking

If you’ve decided to drink alcohol on your date, there are a few dating tips which could help you stay in control. Make sure you drink moderately, as having one too many could impair your ability to make good decisions. Keep your drink and personal belongings within sight at all times. Trust your instincts, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a safe and relaxing first date.