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The Ideal Valentine’s Date Quiz

Laura, 12 April 2019
The Ideal Valentine's Date Quiz

Would you rather be wined and dined, have a quiet night in or be whisked off to a mystery destination overseas on the most romantic day of the year? Take our fun quiz to discover your ideal valentines date. Then start hinting!

1) What’s most important to you on Valentine’s day?
a) Being lavished with expensive gifts and spoiled rotten
b) Spending quality time with your partner
c) The element of surprise and being swept off your feet

2) How do most of your dates end?
a) In the bedroom
b) With a kiss
c) Trying to find our way back to our hotel

3) Which of these lines would you most like your sweetheart to say on Feb 14th?
a) “I’ve ordered a bottle of your favourite champagne.”
b) “I’ve run you a bath and dinner’s in the oven.”
c) “Pack your bags and don’t forget your passport. We’re going away.”

4) Which of the following would you most like to share with your partner?
a) A good bottle of wine
b) A candle lit bath
c) A bag of pick and mix

5) Which of these cocktails best describes your personality?
a) Flirtini
b) Orgasm
c) Flaming Volcano

6) Which of the following outfits make you feel the most sexy?
a) Evening wear
b) Comfy nightwear
c) Casualwear

7) How do you feel in posh flashy surroundings?
a) At home! It’s where I’m meant to be.
b) Self-conscious and a bit shy.
c) I’d rather be anywhere else.

8) How do you usually feel after a big meal?
a) Full and amorous.
b) Content and sleepy.
c) Fat and bloated.

9) How adventurous are you?
a) Reasonably
b) Not at all
c) Very

10) Which of these treats is most likely to get you in the mood for love?
a) A few glasses of fizz
b) A relaxing massage
c) A luxury hotel suite

Mostly As
You like your Valentines date to be infused with a sense of traditional, old school romance. Bring on the red roses, posh chocs and flashy jewellery! A classic dinner date at an upmarket exclusive restaurant would be just the thing to get you in the mood.

Mostly Bs
You’re not one for grand gestures, in fact, a candlelit bath, a foot rub and some simple home comforts like your favourite dinner lovingly made by your other half are all it really takes to make you feel loved on the most romantic day of the year.

Mostly Cs
When it comes to Valentines forget conventional dates and bring on the grand gestures. Being whisked away at short notice on a romantic adventure for two is your idea of true romance. Anything less would be cheating.

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