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5 things women can’t resist about men

Laura, 12 April 2019
5 things women can't resist about men

When it comes to attraction there are five specific traits that women are looking for. And lucky for you not one of them’s a sixpack.

His self- confidence
Women like men are more likely to be attracted to someone who doesn’t seek constant validation from others. There’s something both reassuring and seductive about a man who’s self-assured and comfortable in his own skin. Think about your male friends who are most popular with the opposite sex. Aren’t they always the ones who are fun to be around, make eye-contact, carry themselves well, smile a lot and are generally at ease at social gatherings even though they may not be anything special in the looks department? That’s because if you appear happy with yourself then the rest of the world is likely to agree with you. But remember there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

His aroma
Women’s olfactory senses are specifically honed for sniffing out sexy man scent. And we’re not talking the latest fragrance from Hugo Boss either, we mean good honest sweat. According to scientists men’s underarm sweat contains a complex cocktail of pheromones that subconsciously affect women. It’s a primal instinct designed to help us choose a mate. But that’s no excuse for not changing your T-shirt for a week. It’s only fresh sweat that counts so no skipping your daily shower in the name of finding love. And no scrimping on deodorant either! We’ll still be able to sniff out those mind-altering pheromones.

His inner calm
There’s no two ways about it. A man who radiates his inner calm is hot, hot, hot. Most of us can get a little emotionally off balance from time to time and much as we hate to admit it, as women we can occasionally worry too much and behave a tad neurotically – bursting into tears or flying into a rage. Blame our hormones. It’s times like this when we really appreciate a cool and collected presence to put things into perspective. Men are often skilled at quelling our occasional nuttiness by thinking though the problem and coming up with a solution or at least a reassuring plan.

His sense of humour
It’s widely known that laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac. Laughing can help us lose our inhibitions and laughing together is a subtle form of bonding which increases intimacy. But just trotting out a selection of tried and tested jokes isn’t going to do you any favours. A recent study revealed that women use humour to gauge the level of a man’s intelligence. They’re gathering valuable information for evaluating a life partner so emulating the right sort of humour is very important. While we love a man who can make us laugh, if it’s at the expense of others it stops being attractive.

His physique
While there’s no denying the charms of a washboard abs and big guns, our attraction to the male form is actually a lot more complicated than that. We’re not looking for a perfectly gym sculpted body. What we’re after is a man who looks like he takes care of himself. And that doesn’t have to involve working out in the gym seven days a week and only drinking protein shakes. It just means we’re looking for a man who’s reasonably fit and healthy because a man who cares about his well-being has excellent fathering potential. As does a man who is taller and broader than we are. It’s genetic hardwiring. We may not need you to go out into the jungle to hunt and gather for us anymore but we do still enjoy being cuddled by someone bigger than we are.


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