Prone to getting a bit too tipsy, or talking about your ex on dates? Unfortunately, your behaviour could unintentionally put off the partner of your dreams. To avoid the possibility of a dating disaster, we’ve outlined the biggest dating faux pas and how to avoid them.

1) Eyeing up other women/men
No matter how hot the waitress/bartender/guy or gal at the next table is, it’s rude to ogle when you’re supposed to be wooing the person sat right in front of you. Be respectful and give your date the undivided attention he/she deserves. Never let your eyes stray, no matter how tempting.

2) Getting too drunk
Being carried home having been sick on your shoes is unlikely to score you any points. Don’t let a few drinks to loosen you up turn into a full-blown bender. If you’re just meeting for drinks, then be sure to eat something first and don’t be shy about taking a few sips of water between alcoholic beverages to stop you from getting too squiffy.

3) Texting or answering your phone
The other person has given up their time to spend the evening with you. The least you can do is give them your full attention. The most polite thing to do is to switch your phone off when you’re on a date, but if you can’t quite manage that, pop it in a pocket and switch it to silent vibrate. If you need to check your messages you can do so during a discreet loo break.

4) Conversation interruptus
Constantly interjecting when your date is trying to tell you something or interrupting them mid-flow shows a short attention span and a lack of good manners. Listen and speak when there’s a gap in the conversation. You won’t learn anything about the other person unless you give them a chance to speak.

5) Oversharing
We’re glad you’re getting on well, but don’t mistake that good rapport for an excuse to recount every unsavoury anecdote from your past. There is such a thing as too much information. Take a few seconds to think about how the anecdote might reflect on you before you open your mouth and you could save yourself future embarrassment.

6) Forgetting their name
Forgetting your date’s name or worse calling them by the wrong name will be embarrassing and awkward for both of you. Your date might start to wonder just how many other people you’re seeing for their name to have fallen out of your brain so fast. A simple tip is to say your date’s name out loud five times before leaving the house. That way it should stick in your memory. And if you’re in any doubt, avoid using their name at all.

7) Ex-talk
Talking about your ex is a sure-fire signal that you’re not ready to be dating yet. Take it from us, your potential new love doesn’t want to be bored to tears with the story of how your last partner did you wrong/was the best you’d ever had. It’s best not to mention your previous relationships at all – unless it comes up in conversation – in which case you can just say something simple like “It didn’t work out.”  or “We wanted different things.” before steering the conversation on to a different topic.

8) Ordering inappropriate food
Save being experimental with your menu choices for when you’re out with friends. Now isn’t the time to try the garlic fritters for the first time or to order the hottest curry on the menu. You really don’t want to be left looking red faced, sweaty and chugging down gallons of water to get rid of the tastes. Stick to simple dishes you know you can eat with dignity and decorum instead.

9) Overdoing the perfume/cologne
You’re out on a date so of course you want to look and smell your best, but too much scent is overpowering and a massive turn-off.  Stick to the one spritz rule lest you want to be followed around by a swarm of bees. It’s also advisable to avoid any last-minute beauty treatments like a DIY self-tan unless you look particularly good in streaky orange.

10) Talking about how long it is since you last had sex
Making your date feel sorry for you by revealing how long you’ve gone without is a poorly thought out tactic that will only make you look sad and desperate. And that’s never an attractive trait. Always keep in mind that it’s inappropriate to bring up the topic of sex on a date, even if you’re using it in a self-deprecating way. Best steer clear of the subject altogether.