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10 easy ways to be more dateable

Laura, 12 April 2019
10 easy ways to be more dateable

1. First, be a happy singleton
Dateable singletons are low on neediness and high on the freedoms of single life. To improve your dating chances, stop seeing dates as your last chance for happiness. See them instead as fun encounters – and if they lead to more, that’s a happy bonus.

 2. Dress for success
Save your tracky bottoms for solo nights in with the telly, and face the world in clean, comfy clothes that flatter your best features. Don’t overdo the sexy outfits, though. A great outfit speaks a thousand words, but flesh-flashing speaks just seven (“apply within for sex, bring own condom”).

3. Be a lone shark
Don’t take your mates along when you’re looking to pull. They’ll only stand behind you giggling and pointing. Be proud of your independence, and get out there on your own.

4. Flirt every day
Practice makes perfect, so get into the habit of making small talk with people as you go about your day. The postman, the woman at the ticket office, the lollipop man, whoever. Your quick chat and smile will put a spring in their step and brush up your small-talk skills.

5. Fake your confidence
Confidence is the bedrock of dateability. If you want more confidence, start by faking it. Think about how confident people act, and try it yourself. Your relaxed, sociable persona will earn a positive response – and your real confidence will get a useful boost.

6. Listen
Arrogant and insecure people tend to talk about themselves, but confident people talk less and listen more. They’re the ones who get the dates. If you can make someone feel like the most interesting person in the room, they’ll soon be back for more.

7. Work your body language
Pay attention to the signals your posture is giving out. Dateable people are interested and friendly, and it’s reflected in their body language. They lean towards the person they’re talking to, they subtly mirror their movements, and they always seal the deal with a smile.

8. Improve your eye contact

Good eye contact allows you to chat someone up without uttering a word. Meet their eye and hold it for a heartbeat too long, and you’re saying: “I like what I see”. Look away, look back, and you’re saying: “You intrigue me.” Now hit them with a smile, and they’re yours.

9. Relax your face
Most of us frown when we’re not interacting with anyone, and we don’t even realise it (the “cheer up, love” syndrome). Don’t let an accidental frown sabotage your dating success. Relax your face, unravel those frown lines and lift your chin.

10. Don’t fidget
When your mind wanders and you forget that you’re in public, your hands embark on a fidgety frenzy of head-scratching, nail-biting, knuckle-cracking, ear-excavating… yes, even the nostril gets it. Control those mitts, or they’ll wave goodbye to your dating chances.

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