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Are you a spiritual person looking to connect in meaningful ways with other spiritual singles? Match is here to take your UK spiritual dating journey to the next level and help you meet committed singles who share your outlook on the universe.

Join our UK spiritual dating site to meet people who also have spiritual values and want to grow and connect in mindful and meaningful ways.

According to YouGov, around 20% of the UK population believe in a higher power, but not necessarily a God. You will find lots of amazing singles with spiritual qualities on Match who are looking to start a conscious, loving dating story. Spiritual dating starts here!

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What does spiritual dating mean to you?

Spirituality means so many different things to different people, so by visiting spiritual dating sites, you are taking conscious steps to meet singles who share your life philosophy. Spiritual dating on Match will help you to build meaningful connections and connect with other spiritual singles through mind, body and soul!

Maybe you are someone who connects to their spirituality through traditional practices such as yoga and meditation, maybe your spirituality brings you close to nature and grounds you in an otherwise stressful world, or maybe your spirituality is rooted in a particular religion. If your spirituality is related to a particular religion, feel free to check out our pages on Christian dating, Muslim dating and Jewish dating.

However you relate to your spirituality, we are here to help you find spiritual dates who will help you grow and connect to the best of the world! As one of the UKs most well known dating sites, Match is the ideal starting point for spiritual soul mate dating.

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How to meet other spiritual singles on Match

If you are a spiritual person looking for like-minded singles to date, we suggest following the following steps when embarking on your spiritual dating journey.

  • Add your beliefs to your profile

Show your potential matches who you are by selecting religious/ spiritual on your profile. Perhaps you’d like to express how your spirituality manifests in your summary, or perhaps you’d like to describe why spirituality is important to you in a relationship. The more your potential matches know about you, the more likely you will find interests and values to connect over!

  • Browse for other spiritual singles

Our search features mean you can browse for other singles based on a particular religion, interest, or even wider spiritual qualities such as tolerance, generosity, open-mindedness and compassion. So whether you’re looking for someone who will practice your spirituality with you, or simply an open person who respects your views, you’ll be able to find them on Match.

  • Make connections

Once you’ve found people on Match that share similar life philosophies, it’s time to reach out and start building relationships. This is where spiritual dating gets fun. Making connections with like-minded singles can be really exciting, and who knows, you could just be chatting to your soul mate!

  • Go on your first date

When you’re ready, you can move from our spiritual dating app into real life! Take your match on a date and get to know them on a deeper level. You could even pick a date that reflects your spirituality, such as taking a walk in the countryside where you both can feel at one with nature. The beauty of the natural word is pretty romantic too!

  • Stay open-minded

A great benefit of spiritual dating is that our spiritual members tend to be very open minded and interested in meeting people from all walks of life. You can be guided by broader notions such as compassion, mindfulness and genuine connections, so you will have the opportunity to meet exciting people from all different backgrounds. Match is built for all kinds of people and relationships, so your dating opportunities are endless!

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Connect to yourself while connecting with others

At Match, we think dating should be rich and fulfilling, a force for good in your life, regardless of who you are. This tends to suit our spiritual members who are often looking to build meaningful connections and bring positivity into their lives.

A full and exciting dating journey allows us to reflect on ourselves, our wants and our needs, whilst sharing joyful moments with other people. Building spiritual connections with others is therefore a great way to connect with ourselves and our beliefs. What’s more, you’re sharing this process with other people, sharing life’s special moments.

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While spirituality means many things to different people, our spiritual members tend to be open, mindful and ready to build committed, meaningful relationships. If this sounds like you, why not sign up to Match today and start your spiritual dating story.

The best relationships start from a place of openness and authenticity, so if your philosophy on life is an important part of who you are, find a date who will accept and celebrate that! Our members are diverse, interesting people who are ready for committed relationships. Look for like-minded people who will share or respect your spirituality on an exciting dating journey that may just lead to love.