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    Here at Match, we’re all about helping you to start your journey towards a real relationship with your ideal match. If you’re searching for Jewish dating sites where you can find committed singles looking for a meaningful relationship, look no further.

    Why opt for a Jewish dating site?

    For many of us, finding that special person who you can come together with in shared faith and culture is really important. Someone who knows their mezuzahs from their matza. Someone to celebrate life’s special moments with, whether it’s a simple Shabbat dinner, lighting the menorah for Hanukkah or dancing the night away at someone’s cousins Bar Mitzvah. 🕎

    Thousands of people have already met their partner on Match. Could you be next?
    • Natalie and Andy
    • Pooja and Martin
    • Jo & Gavin
    • Alison and Dan
    • Jason & Jackie
    • Steve and Lynne
    • Christopher and Rebecca
    • Eric & Sarah
    • Andrew & Christa
    • Shari and Tariq
    • Sara and Marco
    • Emma & Dan
    • Catalina and Fadi
    • David and Rob
    • Sue and Shaun
    • David & Zoe
    • Carrie and John
    • Gary & Rachael
    • Ben & Amy
    • Aaron & Maxine
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    How to choose the right Jewish dating sites:

    Finding the right Jewish dating site for you can be a little daunting. If you’re not quite sure what to look for, we recommend these top tips:

    • Make sure the priority is finding something special, not meaningless connections. We’re not a marriage service, but we are all about helping you to find other committed singles who are looking for real relationships.
    • Make sure that you pick the best online dating site for you. Here in the UK, over 1.6 million people have met their partner on Match*.
    • Make sure the Jewish dating site you choose has detailed profiles from real singles. You want to make sure that you’re in a safe space that celebrates you for who you are and safeguards from the all too real biases out there! Connect with the right match for you by reading profiles from real singles.
    • Make sure that there are opportunities to meet in person as you search for that special someone. We offer fun meet-ups across the UK to give you the chance to get to know one another a little better.
    • Make sure you’ve got the option to have a real video date. Match hosts these calls directly, so that you’ve got a secure way to chat with other interested Jewish singles.

    Going on a real date from a Jewish dating site:

    Choosing the right venue for your first date is important. First, you should get to know the person you’re thinking about going out with – What do they like? What is their ideal first date? Are you really ready to sit in another pub for three hours with someone who you’re not even sure about? Try to mix up your dating life and keep it fun! Going for a drink always sounds great, but there’s so much more to life. Go on a walk in nature, do something silly like go to the aquarium, or even try your hand at a new skill like axe-throwing.

    If that’s a little too much planning for your busy lifestyle, we’ve taken away the pressure by offering our original Themed Events. They take place around the country and are a great way to meet serious singles in a comfortable setting. Try everything from wine tastings to dinners at our events, or even attend advice evenings to pick up some handy dating tips.

    Creating your Jewish dating profile:

    It can be hard to know what information is best to include when you’re creating your Jewish dating profile for the first time. You do know yourself best after all. Essentially, you have to decide which is the most important part of yourself to put out there to get the vibes you’re looking for from someone else – but what does anyone else want? Who knows, but with our tips you can create an online dating profile that shows the best of you, like you deserve to be seen. Here’s what we’d recommend to help other singles who are ready to commit to find your profile:

    • Be honest. The main thing is to present yourself as you truly are. Your unique personality, skills, values, interests or sense of humour are all parts of the wonderful person who other serious singles will be wanting to get to know. Sometimes it can be tempting to share things that aren’t strictly true if we’re feeling a bit nervous about writing a profile and putting ourselves out there, but honesty is definitely the best policy.
    • Give as much detail as you can. The more information you can provide about yourself, the more people will be able to get a feel for what really makes you you. This can also help other singles to recognise you as someone who fits their personal criteria for a potential match. For example, providing enough information will help singles specifically wanting to date someone who is Jewish or who lives in their local area to find your profile.
    • Include photos. We’ve all had that experience of seeing a gorgeous smile from across the room and being stopped in our tracks. Including photos of yourself will help to ‘put a face to the name’ and also to show our singles how you like to present yourself. When you’re picking photos, opt for snaps that are non-blurry and taken recently. Try to include a few photos which are just of yourself, rather than group shots, so that people browsing your profile can tell which person is you.
    • Fill out any profile questions Jewish dating sites ask you to complete. Often, when you’re building your profile, you’ll be asked a series of questions to complete separately. Filling these out can help to provide basic biographical information automatically for people who are reading your profile.
    • Talk about what makes you different. Do you have an amazing skill? Have you had some incredible experiences? Are you a fitness fanatic or a piano whiz? Be sure to mention it! Everyone has something that makes them interesting and unique, and other committed singles will want to hear about yours.

    Tips for using online dating apps if you’re LGBTQ+:

    At Match, we believe that love is love. When you’re online dating, it can be intimidating to let your true self shine. So, if you’re LGBTQ+ and Jewish, we’re here to guide you through new and exciting adventures whilst staying real and incorporating your own culture into your love life.

    When you’re beginning your LGBTQ+ dating journey, whether you’re searching for the women, men or people who best suit you, Match can help!

    • Be yourself unashamedly

    Being queer isn’t anything to be ashamed of – we know that! Part of dating as an LGBTQ+ person is being comfortable with yourself. It takes work, we won’t lie, but self acceptance and self love is the best place to be when you start dating. If you want people to know you’re one of God’s chosen people, put it on your profile! There’s no contradictions when you’re being true to you, you can love the club and nights in, or want a partner who has the same faith as you or someone who you might have never taken the time to know before you joined our dating app. Have fun, be you.

    • You don’t have to be fully ‘out’ all the time

    There’s a lot of pressure nowadays to be ‘out’ and ready to explain every element of being LGBTQ+ at the drop of a hat – and it’s exhausting! Remember that your passion, loves and desires are personal to you. You don’t have to tell people that you’re queer or Jewish (if you don’t want to) 🤷 Sometimes it can be difficult with family, friends and especially strangers to explain yourself in 30 seconds, so don’t feel the need to. If you’re ready to introduce your partner to the family, here are some little life rules on why queer and straight dating are actually more similar than you’d think

    • If you’re getting dating exhaustion, take a break

    Your time is valuable, so don’t waste any on dating if you’re not feeling it. Doing what’s best for you and being able to tell exactly what you want is really sexy. We’ve all been there when dating gets to be a chore. If you think you like someone but feel a little hopeless, just tell them that you’d like to have a break and recuperate – if they’re nice, they’ll understand. Just take a couple of weeks away from the apps and dating sites and take some time to regather yourself and come back when you’re good and ready – and feel like you can have fun again! There’s no shame in saying you need some time alone.

    • Broaden your horizons

    Ok, so you’re setting up your profile… but what are you searching for? People are all different and that’s a good thing. If you have your preferences, just put them in using our advanced filter features, but if you don’t, let Match be your matchmaker and see where the journey takes you.

    If you’re having difficult feelings about your sexuality, there are religious-specific charities and support groups to get into contact with, even if you just want to meet other LGBTQ+ Jews! The most popular places to get advice and help with your LGBTQ+ adventure are Stonewall for general advice about being LGBTQ+ and religious, Keshet, which provides support and contacts with other services for Jewish LGBTQ+ people, Laviot who specialise in helping and connecting with LGBTQ+ Jewish women and non-binary people and Parents of Jewish Gays and Lesbians which does exactly what you’d think it does! Helps people who have queer children to navigate their faith and lives.

    How can Match help my Jewish dating journey?

    Searching for somebody who really suits you and appreciates your shared faith and culture isn’t always easy, which is why here at Match we’re all set to get your journey underway and help you to find that special someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something serious or just want to meet some more Jewish friends, you can use our criteria search option to look specifically for profiles belonging to Jewish people, or to find other qualities that are important for you in a partner, like do they like football?

    Come to our themed events to meet other serious Jewish singles, and take the opportunity to enjoy real video dates for face to face chats with people you’re wanting to get to know.

    What’s better? Match is free to download in the App Store or Google Play and so is our online dating site. Start dating Jewish people near you today – or just get some help and advice on your own journey. But remember to always have fun and celebrate the adventure that is dating – and life!

    *Data based on an extrapolation from Research Now survey conducted in April 2018, among a representative sample of 10671 persons aged 18+ in the UK, which has been combined with the total population of this age group (Source Eurostat 2018). 3% of interviewees have been in a relationship with someone they claim having met on Match.

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!