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5 ways gay dating is exactly the same to straight dating.

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    1. First dates can be just as scary

    We know that meeting someone for the first time might make you feel a bit nervous. You might be worried that they look nothing like their photos or that you’ll run out of things to talk about. These are all things that race through people’s heads before a first date, regardless of whether you’re straight or gay. You can help avoid awkward encounters by checking out their profile before the date and brushing up on your conversation starters. You most likely won’t fall head over heels for everyone you meet, but being prepared with some topics to talk about should keep the conversation flowing so you can enjoy your evening even if sparks don’t fly.

    2. Meeting the family can be nerve wracking

    With gay dating as all other dating, there’ll come a time to meet the family. Impress the dad, be polite to the mum and befriend the siblings – a challenge for all, regardless of whether you’re gay or straight. Sadly, some families may not be completely ok with their son or daughter being gay which can be an added challenge, and a tough one to overcome.

    If your date’s family are less than receptive to the idea of their sexuality but they want to introduce you, then you should take this as a positive step forward, you’re obviously important to them. Go in as a team and be on your best behaviour, even if they’re not – they may not instantly warm to you. But, by seeing you genuinely care and make each other happy may ease their feelings a little.

    3. Dating won’t work unless you do

    Gay dating or straight dating, no matter what your preference, relationships will always require work. Whether it’s having to sometimes do things you don’t want to do or going out when you don’t fancy it, a relationship requires compromise. Sometimes these conversations may result in tension or an argument, but that is part of learning to be together. Don’t give up because of a row.

    4. You think your dating pool is too small

    Everyone, no matter what their sexuality, has at one point said ‘there is no decent (insert gender) round here’. Although the gay dating community may be small in your local area, we are pretty sure you haven’t met everyone. Signing up to our gay dating section can help you find local gays and also broaden your search to people who might live slightly further afield.

    5. Loving yourself is key

    We’ve all heard someone say that you can’t find love until you learn to love yourself. We all endure self-doubt and have our faults, but these are our little imperfections that make us who we are. Embrace them, as they make you, well…you. You might hate your disorganisation, your laugh, or that bit of extra weight around the belly, but we know that there’s someone out there who will love you for you.

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