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Gay dating: The best ideas for gay dates

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    What’s your idea of the perfect date? Whether it’s a first date or someone you’ve known for a while, here are some ideas for gay dating to get you started, from culture packed dates to cocktails and other fun activities.

    Gay dating ideas for first dates

    Wine tasting

    Going for an evening of wine and cheese tasting is a good alternative to a busy pub; you’ll be doing an activity and there’ll be so much more to talk about. Good for the early stages of dating where nerves might still be lingering.


    One for the summer time, the beach is a great place to show off your tan and check out your date’s muscles early on. Bring sandwiches and a glass of something fizzy to sip on.


    Make like Stanford in Sex and the City and head for cocktails at a suitably swanky bar. For added glamour choose somewhere with a view of the city skyline order canapés.

    Tip: Makes sure the ambience is just right; if you choose somewhere too loud you won’t be able to hear each other’s sweet nothings.

    Gay dating ideas for culture dates

    Art House cinema

    Going to a saucy art house film with your date will not only show them that you’re up to speed on all things cultural, but that you’re also far too cool for the usual Hollywood blockbusters.

    Musical or Play

    Going to the theatre for your date is a nice alternative to the cinema, whether it’s a West End giant or a small independent theatre. There’s also that all important interval to discuss your thoughts over a tipple and get to know each other better.


    Going to the cabaret may seem like a cliché, but it’s guaranteed to be fun. Breaking the ice in the initial stages of gay dating means doing something entertaining and light hearted; going to a cabaret or burlesque performance certainly falls under this category.

    LGBT arts events

    For the gay dating community, there are plenty of theatre groups, organisations and venues which hold events and plays for a gay audience. Look out for gay film and theatre festivals in your local city; these are really taking off.

    Gay dating ideas for activity dates

    Theme park

    Theme Parks are perhaps the perfect dating location – if there’s one near you, hot foot it down with your date for some thrillseeking. Nothing bonds two people together more than a roller coaster ride with a splash at the end of it.

    Cooking class

    Desserts and pastries make great dating food. Learning to create something yummy together is bound to increase the flow of chemistry between you; from cupcakes to Italian dishes, shop around to find the class you think will tickle their fancy.


    If your date likes their sport, challenging them to a game of squash or a round of pool might appeal to their competitive streak. Don’t let them win just to be nice; you’ll only be missing out on a vital opportunity to demonstrate your skills!

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