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Dating Advice for Shy Singles

Dating Advice for Shy Singles

You may not realise it, but there are plenty of singles on dating sites out there who go pale at the thought of going on a date for the first time. For those who consider themselves to be introverts or just quiet by nature, there is hope: dating doesn’t have to be scary! Simply changing your dating habits can boost your confidence and help you to enjoy dates just like everyone else. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Your online dating profile

Whilst you don’t want your online dating profile to paint you as a shrinking violet, it’s important not to try too hard to be the opposite. If you happen to come across as an extrovert in your profile, you’re likely to attract someone who might be the wrong match for you. There are lots of singles out there who will find more reserved qualities a bonus, so there’s no need to camouflage them.

2. Your dating partner

Should you rule out dating someone who’s loud and out-going, just because you aren’t that way yourself? Not necessarily. Research has shown that we look for qualities in a partner that we don’t have ourselves, and this can balance out a relationship. Keep an open mind but bear in mind that you may have vastly different views on what a good night out or a party might be like for both of you.

3. Dating do’s and don’t

When you’ve connected with someone you like and you decide to start dating, make sure you’re the one who picks out where you go on your first date. This is invaluable dating advice for shy singles; it means you’ll be able to choose a setting and a situation which will have you feeling at your least shy. Pick something which won’t throw you too far out of your comfort zone, but that will keep you occupied enough that you won’t get tongue tied. That way you’ll be able to make the best first impression possible.

Dating ideas for shy singles

Some tips for shy-friendly dates are:
• Go somewhere away from the crowds– it can sometimes be tiring for people who are introverted to be around crowds of people, so why not go to a quiet cafe, or perhaps a gallery?
• Do an activity – take a class together or do something active such as cycling. This will mean you’ll be so ‘in the moment’ that you’ll have no time to think about how shy you’re feeling. It will also mean an end to awkward silences – phew!
• Make it short – if you’re a bit daunted at spending an entire evening or a day with someone on a first date, put a time limit on the date. Catch a film, or go for coffee and there’s no obligation to carry on the date afterwards. As a result, you’ll feel in control and be able to take things at your own pace.

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