For a lot of people, flirting isn’t something they feel particularly confident in. Talking to someone you’re
Friends with benefits is a contentious topic in the dating world. Some people love it, some people hate it, but just
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There are a few things as exciting as embarking on a first date. You declare it in your WhatsApp group chat, your mates
So, first things first, you’re probably wondering what ghosting is and what it even means to ‘ghost’ someone.
Making a connection when dating online all rides on that first online dating message, and that creates a sense of
Dating can get a wee bit confusing at times. Is he flirting, or is he just being friendly? Is she laughing because
Has the spark between you and your partner fizzled? If the romance in your relationship has gone, you may be losing
Trust is an essential ingredient that can really make or break a partnership. They say a relationship without trust,
Every year, British singles splurge thousands of pounds on dating-related activities. Of course, love is priceless, but
Rejection is often said to be one of the worst parts of the dating process. It hurts, it feels personal and it
It’s common when dating to want to impress your partner with expensive restaurants and exciting experiences,
You might have heard of the “36 questions to fall in love” put together by psychologist Aron Arthur in 1997. These
With the rise of dating apps, alongside both offline and online dating, there have never been more ways to meet
Social media: it’s inescapable, and pretty much everyone has some form of online presence. It lets us keep in touch
Relationships are complicated things. They can be hard to define, hard to categorise - sometimes just hard full stop.
Dating is great: meeting new people is exhilarating, going on dates is exciting, and finding that special someone is
Love: it’s a beautiful feeling. It can make you feel on top of the world if it’s reciprocated or cause you to hit