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Turkish Dating

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    No matter your cultural background, ethnic heritage or nationality, there’s someone waiting for you on Match. Thanks to Britain’s beautifully diverse population and Match’s large community of singles, finding that special someone who shares your values, culture and passions is that much easier. Match’s services are open to everyone and offer a variety of selections and options for successful dating.

    In this article, we are focusing on Turkish culture and Turkish dating. Turkey is a beautiful country with an ancient culture and a population of over eight million people. The UK is home to half a million Turkish people, 300,000 of whom are Turkish Cypriots. And many of them are Match members too!

    In this handy guide, we’ll talk about how Match is a great network to meet Turkish singles, plus some great Turkish date ideas and values to consider. What’s more, we’ll also cover codes, discounts and promos if you’re looking to save while starting your dating journey!

    Just have a look at the different Match discounts and subscription options available, create your account on the site, then check out the active Turkish singles that are out there in your area. Once you’ve got a profile, who knows what your exciting dating world might look like!

    Why Choose Match to Start Your Turkish Dating Journey ?

    Depending on where you are based in the UK, it may be easier or more difficult to find and assimilate into the local Turkish community. Luckily, Match is here to help. Thanks to its AI-powered search engine, Match becomes a powerful Turkish dating site. The filters allow you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s passions, profession, religion, age, nationality, physical appearance and other lifestyle factors.

    Match helps Turkish singles find and build meaningful, solid and long lasting relationships. Every meaningful relationship starts with a strong foundation and authentic connection, and a shared cultural background of nostalgic national memories can be the ingredients for just that.

    Turkey is known for its gorgeous coastlines, diverse cuisine and the buzzing cultural capital of Istanbul. You of course don’t need to be Turkish to be interested in dating Turkish singles. Perhaps you used to live there or are looking to live there, maybe you speak a bit of Turkish and want to speak the language with the person you build a romantic relationship with. There are a plethora of reasons! However, if you are going to date somebody of a different nationality or ethnicity it is paramount that you respect and understand your date’s culture. Please avoid cliché phrases even if you mean well. Saying things such as “you’ll probably order the kebab, right? Being Turkish and all” or offensive and assumptive comments about Islam is insensitive, and can often be interpreted as xenophobic. To best empathise, imagine you moved to a new country and perhaps there were some prerogative stereotypes surrounding your culture and religion – how would you like them to treat you? Think about this and apply your answer to any conversation or experience shared with anyone of a different culture – Turkish or otherwise.

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    Date ideas for Turkish singles

    Dating in the UK is a big adventure for Turkish singles looking to meet up together. Although you both grew up in the same culture, now that you both live in a new country, feel free to take on the customs of this new culture as you wish in order to slowly define and develop the organic expat nature of your relationship. That’s exactly the beauty with international dating – it’s adventurous, educational and opens your heart to not only a new person but a new culture and many new experiences.

    Try Turkish restaurants near you as well as Indian restaurants, Tapas bars and British pubs! London is home to the biggest Turkish community in the UK, so there’s a great chance you’re choosing the British capital as a place to start dating. There’s just so much that you’re free to explore!

    If you and your date are based in London, you might be already familiar with how many Turkish communities there are in Britain’s capital. Though you might not be looking to visit a Turkish restaurant on your first date — you might both fancy exploring other cuisines. But if you’re missing a favourite meal you used to have in Turkey, there are some great places in London to try out.

    If you haven’t already, it’s worth visiting Harringay’s Green Lanes area in particular for some of the finest Turkish restaurant spots in the city. For some Turkish pizza, baklava and kunefe, singles out on a date together can try Antepliler. There’s also the Turkish bakery at Yasar Halim in Green Lanes too if you and your date like sweet treats. If you’re looking for more upmarket spots in London, there’s the TAS Restaurant just outside Bloomsbury (near the British Museum). If you’re not of the same background and are looking to take your Muslim Turkish date out to dinner, it’s worth double checking that the restaurant you’re visiting offers Halal options. As Turkey has a big Muslim population, many Turkish restaurants in the UK have a halal-friendly menu too.

    Although London’s home to the biggest Turkish population in the UK, we know not all Turkish singles are based there. Places like Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Sheffield all have Turkish communities if you’re looking to connect with other expats in the UK.

    At the end of the day, it’s worth looking for a romantic location where you and your date can chat without feeling like the pressure’s on. But before you embark on a date, it’s worth thinking about your members profile, and your own personal values too. Match offers the chance to network with likeminded singles, but it’s worth considering what you’re looking for from your dating experience first.

    Before You Start Using A Turkish Dating Site, Discover Your Values

    Turkey is filled with people of many different religious backgrounds from Islam to Christianity to Atheism. Match allows users to filter religious preferences, so if this is a required common ground for you then you can happily share thoughts and religious experiences with your Turkish date. It is paramount however, especially if your religious beliefs differ, to respect and listen to your date’s religious experiences and practices if they choose to share them. If you disagree with them, avoid getting heated or raising your voice and simply agree to disagree for the time being.

    Another thing to avoid commenting on as a non-Turk, particularly if your date is with a woman, is perpetuating cultural stereotypes about her physical attractiveness. Of course, tell her she looks nice but avoid phrases such as “I only date Arabic/Turkish girls” or “I only find Turkish girls sexy”. While she is proud of her culture, she most likely doesn’t want to be defined by it and thus feel like you are dating her simply because she is Turkish rather than because you like her, even if this isn’t the case.

    It is also worth researching Turkish dating culture as it is always important to respect customs that our friends and our romantic interests grew up with and to educate ourselves of humanity’s differences. Online dating in Turkey’s large cities has soared in popularity in recent years but many more rural areas remain conservative with many inhabitants opposed to sex and cohabitation before marriage. At the same time, one can never assume the customs or beliefs of someone else. The best approach is to be honest and open and to listen to their experience. These are, of course, not questions for a first date but more for when the time feels right, say, a fifth date?

    In Turkey, unlike in the UK, grand gestures like buying flowers and gifts for your date is considered the norm whereas some Brits may see it as over-the-top. Again, the best approach is honesty, open-mindedness and a non-judgemental approach so that an inter-cultural couple can meet a beautiful middle ground where they share the romantic gestures and customs of their own cultures to form a unique romantic culture and language of their own. Regardless of your dating style, we have some pick up lines to help you make the first move!

    Wrapping things up

    At the end of the day, dating is all about finding a middle ground between you and other single people. Sometimes you might need to go on a few dates with Match members just to make sure you really click. If you’ve just moved to the UK from Turkey, dating can still be a really great way to reconnect and reminisce over what you have in common from your past. Dating is noncommittal and after having a chat perhaps you decide you’ll be great friends who bond over the same cultural heritage.That being said, if you’re not having fun don’t feel pressured to stay in touch.

    Building a new network is hard for anyone in any new country or place, and so joining the Match site can help you!

    Match is open to Turkish singles of all ages. Even if you’re just looking to try getting back into the dating scene after years away, there are so many active singles to choose from regardless of what stage of your life you are at. With your Match account, you’ll be able to chat to other singles and find out what works best for you.

    If you’re looking to join Match to meet Turkish singles in our online network, keep your eyes peeled for a discount. If you decide to go for a Premium or Standard subscription, you might be able to save when becoming a site member. There are also often coupons and promo codes available online if you’re looking for savings while trying out being a member.

    Looking for more dating tips? Read our guide for dating a single man. We also have a guide for dating a single woman too. Singles of all backgrounds, ages and nationalities — we have your back!

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