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The top five superpowers to have on a date

Laura, 2 May 2019
The top five superpowers to have on a date

Ever wish that you had the power to break the ice with a hilarious joke or be brimming with confidence when you walk into the room to meet your date? We all would like an extra boost of something special on a date, so we’ve put together our top five dating superpowers to help you become a dating superhero.

The Megacreativity superpower will ensure that you always know which cool bar to try and which new exhibition to attend to impress your date. That means no more worrying about where to go and increasing your chances of date number two! This superpower also means that you’ll be buzzing with creative and interesting ideas so that dating becomes an absolute breeze.

How to get this super power
Swot up on the latest cool venues and activities in your area such as ping pong, boat cruises or ghost tours. You could also check out some of our social events for ideas.

The key to attracting the opposite is to be a great listener and to have empathy so this superpower will allow you to have one of the most sought-after dating traits. Your unwavering kindness and sensitivity will show your date that you are always interested and engaged in what they are saying and that you would always put their needs first. Hypercompassion is a sure fire trait to get you that all important second date.

How to get this superpower
Show that you are interested and engaged in your date by asking them questions about themselves. For extra brownie points try referring back to these conversations later, your date will be super impressed that you remembered.

Having fun on a date is integral to its success, and this superpower will make it easy for you and your date to laugh all the way through your meeting. Your great sense of humour will help you break the ice, and give you an endearing quality which will leave your date with a lasting impression. With the ultrafunniness superpower, you’ll also be sure to release a lot of endorphins – proven to make us feel happy.

How to get this superpower
The trick to this superpower is to keep it light hearted. Try a little light hearted banter and show that you are enjoying your date’s jokes. You’ll both feel more relaxed and it will increase the enjoyment of your date.

We all feel nervous walking into a room to meet a date for the first time. This superpower will help you appear as though you are oozing with confidence, allowing you to easily start up conversations with your date. You’ll be unwaveringly self-assured and charismatic, both of which are really attractive qualities to have in a date.

How to get this superpower
It is easy to appear confident on the outside even if you don’t feel that way on the inside. Before you get to the date, take a look at your date’s profile to refresh your memory about their likes and dislikes. This will give you some great talking points. To alleviate nerves, try taking a deep breath before walking into the room.

This superpower will make you cool as a cucumber, totally unaffected by first date nerves and jitters. Your relaxed attitude would even help put your date at ease and make them feel comfortable in your presence. Totalcoolness would show off your warmth and sincerity which are highly desirable traits and should something embarrassing happen, your totalcoolness would mean you brush it off with style.

How to get this superpower
This power is all about mindset. When you are getting ready for your date, get in the right frame of mind by listening to a music play list that inspires you. Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in and view the date as an opportunity to have a fun time getting to know someone new. If it turns into something else that’s an added bonus.

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