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10 child-friendly dates to impress a single parent

Laura, 2 May 2019
10 child-friendly dates to impress a single parent

If you’re dating someone who’s a single parent, there are a number of great date ideas you can try if they’re bringing their child along. Your date doesn’t need to worry about not having alternative childcare available, or keeping their child occupied with our suggestions below.

When your date is bringing their child along it’s generally best to choose something active that everyone can get involved in. Our top 10 child friendly dates, are, in no particular order…

1) Cook a meal at their place

Your date isn’t able to get someone to look after their child? Be romantic and bring the date to their place by preparing them a meal in their own home. Find out what their child likes to eat (hopefully they’ll like it too!) and perhaps even get their child to help you in the kitchen. At the end of the evening you’ll also have the chance to snuggle on the sofa once their child goes to bed.

2) Go for a picnic

If the weather’s nice, take your date and their child for a picnic in the sunshine. You can involve their child by asking them to help prepare the picnic basket, and bring some fun things to play with, like a football or a Frisbee. This is a nice, relaxing date idea which gives you a good chance for conversation.

3) Go to a family-friendly restaurant

There’s no reason to ditch the dinner date if your date is bringing their child along too. Choose a family-friendly restaurant where they’ll be kept entertained and occupied, either in a play area or at the table with an activity sheet. The atmosphere may be a little more rowdy than you’d like, but you’ll still have a great chance to talk to your date.

4) Go to the zoo

There aren’t many people, young or old, who don’t enjoy a trip to the zoo. You and your date will get a good few hours to stroll around and engage in conversation, whilst enjoyment for the younger one goes without saying. Buy them something from the gift shop at the end and you’ll definitely be on your way to the good books!

5) Take them to an aquarium

Similarly to the zoo, a trip to an aquarium appeals to both young and old and has a certain wow factor – especially when walking through the underwater tunnels. This is another good date to get a chance to chat, and you can involve their child by making up games such as how many ‘Nemo’ fish you can spot!

6) Play mini golf

This is a great activity when going on a date with someone bringing their child. There’s a friendly competitive element, which is always fun, and you can show your caring side by helping to teach their child how to play. Don’t try too hard to win!

7) Go to an amusement park (and win their child a toy!)

This one is a no-brainer for keeping your date’s child entertained, and you two can have fun too! Whilst you may have to stick to the less adrenaline-fuelled rides (tea cups anyone?) you can earn brownie points by winning a toy for your date’s child from one of the games stalls.

8) If you’re in London, go on a ‘London duck tour’

Whilst this may impress your date’s child more than your date his or herself, this is definitely still a fun idea for a date. A land vehicle that drives into The Thames and then floats?! You’ll all get a chance to take in the sights of London, and you’ll get to chat to your date.

9) Go bowling

Whilst bowling alleys aren’t the most romantic of places, this is a good option to keep everyone entertained. There are also a great selection of non-chain bowling alleys, particularly in London, if you want to make this date more impressive. Another benefit is that because you’re with a child, there’s an excuse to have the ‘sides up’ and avoid embarrassing gutter balls!

10) Go to a sports game

If you know that your date is into sports, taking them and their child to a game can make for a great day out. If you manage to get tickets to somewhere grand like Wembley this is sure to impress. Better than the cinema, as you can still talk, and noise is actively encouraged!

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