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    Is Match the Interracial Dating Site for Me?

    Did you know that one in ten people who are in relationships in the UK are in interracial relationships. The opportunity to get to know someone new and interesting is one of the best things about dating!

    Interracial dating has a deep, rich and often heartbreaking history. While it is now generally accepted by wider British society to date whoever we please, interracial marriage was only legalised in Britain in 1948. As for interraccial gay dating, we all remember it becoming legalised in only 2014!

    Interracial dating is a beautiful experience because you aren’t only falling in love with somebody but you’re also falling in love with their cultural heritage, the differences and the similarities between your upbringing. In fact, many of us in our twenties and thirties are of mixed heritage and are the kids of interracial relationships ourselves and we can find comprehension in other singles of mixed heritage who understand the feeling of not always fitting and the growth in embracing all sides of ourselves and the beauties in both of our races.

    We know how important it is to make sure you’re meeting the right people when you’re starting your interracial dating journey. So far, we’ve helped 1.6 million people meet their partner in the UK,* so we know it’s crucial that you’re talking to like-minded people!

    What’s better, setting up your profile with Match is free! Using our comprehensive profile setup, which only takes five minutes, we can identify key factors to match you with like-minded singles who are searching for the same important things you’re looking for.

    *Data based on an extrapolation from Research Now survey conducted in April 2018, among a representative sample of 10671 persons aged 18+ in the UK, which has been combined with the total population of this age group (Source Eurostat 2018).

    3% of interviewees have ever been in a relationship with someone they claim having met on Match.

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    Interracial Dating Dos

    When both single people are open-minded and respectful, interracial dating is so exciting. At the same time, dating should never be solely about race and thus verge into harmful fetishisations of singles. Not all asian women date and think the same, neither do all black men or all Latinos and these stereotypical beliefs can be harmful.

    Needless to say, embracing community and flourishing love between two people of different races, ethnicities and/or cultures can make for life long excitement!

    • Be open-minded – Allowing pre-held beliefs to get in the way of meeting someone new is ridiculous! Opening your mind – and schedule – to someone who may have been raised in a different culture to you is interesting and totally worthwhile.
    • Question yourself and your beliefs – If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thinking about your own relationship with your race is the first place to start when you’re considering using an interracial dating site.
    • Be considerate, kind and respectful – A ground rule when you’re dating anyone, hopefully! Here at Match, we are all about making sure you have a fun and safe dating experience and that you treat others in the same way.
    • Date the person, not the race – Don’t treat anyone like they’re another box checked on a list. It’s not just incredibly demeaning but it also shows that you don’t have the maturity to appreciate that personhood is more important than race. The key is getting to know a person, not an idea.

    The Don’ts of Using an Interracial Dating Site

    As the least discriminated race, it tends to be white singles who perpetuate and place somewhat stereotypical beliefs on people they’re dating due to society’s historical discrimination and consequences of colonisation which can be seen in the media’s lack of representation of other cultures until recent years. Of course, this is not to say that all white singles are discriminatory – of course not! But even if you find yourself attracted to people of other races it is always important to check your privilege, stay in the know about racial politics and movements such as Black Lives Matter and avoid hurtful comments – even if they stem from a complimentary place!

    An example of such a comment would be calling a Latin woman ‘spicy’ or a black woman ‘feisty’. While you may mean it as a compliment, it stems from media stereotypes which suggest all Latin or black women are this way when, in reality, we are all just people and regardless of our race, we have our own characteristics.

    The same applies within the queer and gay community. Black gay men in particular experience awful sterotyping and mass sexualisation the media. Happy interracial couples, as you can imagine, simply exist being in love with each other’s soul and this rarely stems from seeking someone of a certain race in hopes that they will fulfill a harmful stereotype.

    • Be a secret – because you’re better than that.
    • Date fetishists – Someone who makes too many comments about your skin tone or compares you to food (why do people do that?) may not have your best dating interests at heart. Beware the fetishist! Remember, your special someone should be a person who makes you feel comfortable.
    • Spring your partner on your family – So, you’re a family person who wants to introduce the person you’re dating to your family ASAP – great! Only… that’s a big deal for some people. It’s important to communicate and not spring up a racist aunt out of nowhere.
    • Listen to people who want to get involved in your dating life – Everyone has an opinion, right? Well, sometimes people who aren’t as open-minded or don’t understand basic human interaction are the ones shouting the loudest. Blocking out the negativity is easier said than done, but it is worthwhile. Save your own happiness and let the opinions of others rest!
    • Another point to avoid is using the phrase “but I don’t see colour”. This phrase is very outdated and showcases white privilege’s ability to live their life without acknowledging colour. Instead of being colourblind, people of colour want to see colour and embrace it! Our differences are what make us beautiful and interestings and can add excitement to interracial dating and interraical gay dating. While we are more than just our race – black, white, Latino, Asian or otherwise – we still take pride in our heritage and in what separates us as well as brings us together.

    Staying Safe Whilst Interracial Dating in the UK

    You should always be in control of your dating experience. We believe there are some simple ways to stay safe whilst using interracial dating sites, such as:

    • Be in control of your dating experience – If there’s someone you’re unsure about, let us know right away. With a reporting system designed to resolve issues as quickly as possible and a dedicated customer service team, we are here to help you feel at ease on Match.
    • Get to know your match – Take things at your own pace. You don’t need to rush into an in-person date (if we’ve learned anything over the lockdowns, it’s patience), so just enjoy getting to know each other!
    • Recognise the warning signs – Someone saying they love you before you’ve met? Asking for your bank details? Avoiding giving any information about themselves? Those are all red flags – if they wouldn’t do it in person, don’t accept it online.
    • Be date-smart – Going on that first date is really exciting! But, you should always try to stay safe when meeting in person too. Go for dates in public – somewhere that makes you feel secure, don’t get picked up from your house, and tell someone where you’re going (we’d recommend sharing your live location!).
    • Trust your instincts – If someone seems sketchy, report them to Match. Interracial dating in the UK can be fun and enjoyable, but remember to be smart and keep your wits about you.

    The complexities of interracial dating in the media

    What is so complex with interracial dating is that it is not a one size fits all situation and not all people of colour share the same experience. For example, studies have shown that east Asian men and black women are the least ‘swiped for’ on online dating apps and sites. This is in no way to suggest that black women and Asian men are not attractive but instead reflects the harmful stereotypes that the media portrays. Media and porn culture, for years, have depicted Asian men as emasculate and black women as ‘aggressive’ thus shaping society’s subconscious views about each demographic.

    Black men, Asian women and Latin men and women for example experience the other end of the spectrum – they are hyper sexualised. Black men are fetishised for their sexuality, Latinos are stereotyped as hyper-sexualised, unintellectual and ‘spicy’ and media paints Asian women as submissive which also feeds into misogyny.

    Now, we by no means want to take the fun out of interracial dating! But love is about understanding each other’s experience. If you are the white partner, it is so crucial to make a conscious effort to understand the dating experience of the single person of colour and how their race may affect their dating experience. This isn’t a conversation for the first date but the more you get to know each other the more they’ll appreciate your research and understanding of their experience.

    To conclude, interracial dating is beautiful but should never be treated as a ‘trend’. Kardashian culture has somewhat popularised the white woman – black man romantic relationship and while this is great for media representation it has led to harmful fetishisation especially surrounding mixed raced kids. As mentioned before, interrical dating when it embraces cultural differences is a rich, exciting experience but at the end of the day, we are all human and want to be loved and seen for our individuality – not our race or the colour of our skin.

    Happy Dating!

    There’s no time like the present to start having fun, new experiences and begin your interracial dating journey today.

    So, what’re you waiting for? It’s free to sign up and browse the profiles of thousands of singles looking for someone who really suits them!

    Don’t forget to check out our dating advice page for some great tips and guidance on navigating the dating world to get you started on your own dating journey today.

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