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5 gay friendly holiday destinations near the UK

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    We’ve been uniting gay and lesbian singles on dating websites for years, and we understand how important the first holiday as a couple can be. If you’re not looking to venture out too far, take a look at our top 5 holiday destinations near the UK where you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun!

    Berlin, Germany

    The capital of this progressive nation is one of the most welcoming cities in Europe when it comes to gay and lesbian couples and you’ll definitely feel the love with its numerous events celebrating homosexuality. Witness the Berlin Pride Parade which is spread over a week in June and offers around 200 events. There’s also the Lesbian and Gay street fair and CSD on the spree where several boats participate for a gay and lesbian tour along the river.
    Looking for an experience that’s out of the ordinary and totally bizarre? You and your partner could be partying at Berlin Zoo! Taking place in August, gays and lesbians can dance the night away to big bands with the company of penguins, tigers and birds of all kinds. The animals at the zoo are accustomed to it and are highly friendly so have no fear!

    Berlin, germany Skyline

    Athens, Greece

    Much of Greece welcomes same sex relationships and the gay scene has finally began to flourish. In Athens, the main gay village is Gazi which is close to many gay bars and clubs including club W, a mainstream favourite and club Sodade 2, a popular club for a younger crowd.

    Taking your partner to explore sites such as the Parthenon, Acropolis will be like no date you’ve ever had! If you can, take a flight down to the island Mykonos which also has a buzzing gay night life and many gay beaches.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Known as the first country to legalise gay marriage in 2001, the Netherlands supports freedom of expression and is one of the liveliest places to visit with your gay partner. Amsterdam is particularly great for the gay scene with many gay districts full of restaurants, bars and upbeat nightclubs.

    We also recommend going to the Gay Pride festival which takes place during the first weekend of August and attracts over 500,000 people. There’s plenty to explore such as the Homomonument, a beautiful monument honouring those who struggled for gay rights. Another must-see attraction is Keukenhof Park which is the largest flower garden in the world hosting regular flower shows.

    Madrid, Spain

    While we’re only recently celebrating the legalisation of same-sex marriages in the UK, Spain made this happen almost a decade ago in 2005. Its annual Pride Parade is not one to miss and just last year, over one million people participated in this carnival style event.
    The gay scene in Madrid can be risqué if preferred with many gay bars and clubs such as the Copper bar which holds fetish nights and nude partying. A lot of gay night-life is concentrated in the area of Chueca which lies in the heart of Madrid. Remember to take some time out to explore the city such as the Gran Via which is an upscale shopping street and Madrid’s largest building, the Royal Palace.

    Nice, France

    While Paris is gay friendly and a popular holiday destination for gay couples, Nice is also a leading destination and the capital of the French Riviera. There are a wide range of things to do with deep blue seas, a lively nightlife, historic museums and fine dining, all within a relaxed yet festive atmosphere.

    As Nice is known for its pleasant weather, there’s no surprise that the city is full of vibrant events such as the Pink Parade and the famous Rainbow Power gay party. The “In & Out” film festival and Polychromes festivals are popular too for their LBGT themes within film and the arts.

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