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Dating on the Isle of Wight

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    The Isle of Wight gets the most sun out of anywhere in the UK, but it doesn’t always feel like sunshine and rainbows when it comes to dating. With a population of under 150,000 people, everyone knows everyone, which can make it hard to meet someone new or even perhaps reunite with someone you know.

    If you’re looking to starting online dating on the Isle of Wight, Match is here to help. We can find singles near you and a person whose values align with yours using our special filters and matchmaking skills. There’s never any rush to settle down when it comes to dating, so take your time and get to know Match a little more.

    How do I use Match to start online dating?

    Whether you’ve been on the online dating scene for a while or are just getting back out there, Match can be a great place to meet someone who is really suited to you. They might be down the road or across the island, but there are plenty of ways to kick off your dating journey with us at Match. Plus, there’s no need to worry, Match is a safe space for you to discover new people and start your dating journey whenever and however you want.

    Here at Match, you can filter potential matches based on the criteria that truly matter to you. Perhaps you’d enjoy encountering an interesting person who shares your love of reading, or perhaps you appreciate staying active and want to meet someone who enjoys going on walks in nature. Searching based on your interests is a great way to find a person you are compatible with and spend quality time with a man or a woman over the things you love. You can also filter based on religion to find someone who shares your religious values.

    What do I need to do to get started with Match?

    Starting your dating journey with Match on the Isle of Wight is simple. Just register with us, set up your profile, and begin looking for someone who you really get along with. Setting up your profile is easy, after you’ve registered with us, you can add photos and descriptions to your profile. We’d recommend you add a few photos, usually a clear one of your face, where you’re doing something you love, and a photo of yourself that you really appreciate. Then you can select the filters you want to search for, whether that’s religion, interests, age, gender, or something else, there are plenty of ways to look for someone who is best for you.

    After you’ve got your profile all set up, you can start swiping (or liking, if you’re using our online dating site) on the profiles you’re interested in. Make sure to look at profiles carefully and read through the descriptions people have written, they went to the effort of to write them for you, after all! If you get a Match, then you can start getting to know them better through our chat feature, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll end up going out on a date together.

    A few dating ideas on the Isle of Wight

    So, you’ve matched with someone and started to chat, you really appreciate each other, and comes the moment to go on that all-important first date. But where is there to go on the Isle of Wight that you haven’t already been? Here are a few date ideas from us, to you:

    1. Take a look around Osborne House: Osborne House was Queen Victoria’s old house in East Cowes, with Italian Renaissance style architecture and a private beach, it’s a great day out and taking someone on a date here is a good way to get chatting about history – and hopefully each other.

    2. Find dinosaur bones! The Isle of Wight is home to some of the richest areas of Jurassic history. With bones all around Compton Bay, Yaverland and Dinosaur Isle in Sandown (which even has its own museum), ignite your inner explorer and get digging into the past – of time, not your dates.

    3. Stargazed at Ventor: It might not be made for first dates. We’d recommend you stay safe and have first dates in public – but if you meet someone you really appreciate, release your inner romantic and wait for a clear night. You might just see the Milky Way.

    4. Visit The Garlic Farm: Maybe save the kissing for another moment, but The Garlic Farm is actually a place where they do weddings, and they have their own festival too! You can walk around the farm and get a bite to eat in the restaurant afterward.

    5. Eat and drink locally at The Spyglass Inn: Visiting The Spyglass Inn is almost comparable to a microcosm of the Isle of Wight itself, fresh and delicious seafood, cold drinks, and a view of the coast. On a nice day, you and your date can sit on the patio and watch the crowd pass by or the sea come in.

    Join Match today and start something special

    We don’t just do great date night ideas, we also have a cornucopia of advice, Match Nights events and tips for you to enjoy. Looking for some help flirting with the ladies? We’ve got you. Intrigued about who is single near you and looking for something serious? Don’t worry about it! Here at Match, we’re here to help and make sure your dating life is fun, fulfilling, and freeing (not to mention, joining Match is totally free!).

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