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    Whether you’re looking for speed dating, taking it slow or a full blown romance in Worthing, Match can help not only find local dates but also aids in criteria searching for particular interests, from art to music and other personal passions. Once you have found an ideal match you share interests with, there are many romance opportunities in Worthing, from cinema and museum visits to long country walks or an elegant evening at a cocktail bar.

    Date Ideas in Worthing

    The beauty of dating in Worthing is that it can be as diverse or as niche as you like. Once you register your account, sexual preference and location with Match, you’ll be the first to hear about the widely popular Match nights and socials in your area. In the meantime, listed below are several date ideas perfect for a variety of experiences with a fellow Worthing single.


    Arguably, music and food are the two most universal interests. Few things can bond a potential romantic couple more than discovering a new music artist together and sharing in a live experience. Even if you’re both into different genres, the Venn diagram can overlap over wine, pizza and a new band.

    • Worthing Assembly Hall

    From salsa nights and rock bands to bigger acts, this Assembly Hall seats many and is reminiscent of an American high school auditorium, which already adds an element of romance and nostalgia. Adored by locals of all ages, you’re sure to find the perfect sound for the perfect night.

    • Cellar Arts Club

    Described by locals as fabulously friendly, the Cellar Arts Club feels collectively creative and embodies that collaborative, community spirit. From stand-up comedians to speakeasy nights, its diverse option of romantic evenings awaits.

    • The Factory Live

    Recently hosting acts such as Le Freak and Kings of Leon, this venue is for big acts and intimate nights alike. Food and drink is offered outside from 6:30pm, so grab a beer and head bob along to classic favourites while you hold hands.


    A cinema or museum trip is particularly great for those who may sit on the shyer side of the fence. Absorbing culture while watching a film or walking through an exhibition allows for some silence, reflection and introspection. It also provides a great conversation starting point for that chat over coffee post-movie or show.

    • Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

    This beautiful terracotta building showcases various historical aristocratic costumes, dollhouses, statues and marionettes alike. Constructed in 1908, the museum was originally designed to house the town’s library as well as the museum, the library section being funded by Andrew Carnegie.

    • High Salvington Windmill

    Brits come from all over to admire this breathtaking construction. The mill stands 320 feet above sea level and is able to take advantage of incoming sea winds. Visitors are able to take tours of the magnificent mill and since it sits in large, open greenery it’s perfect accompanied by an afternoon walk.

    • Dome Cinema

    This cinema is a far cry from your average joe. A beautiful old building with a domed roof in gold and red light the screening rooms with a warm and passionate tinge. The welcome area hosts retro furniture and 80s arcade elements. Situated on the sea, watch a flick with some popcorn and enjoy a stroll along the pebbles as you depart. I mean, could you ask for a more classically romantic evening?


    Despite being a seaside town, Worthing also offers an array of green spaces. Dates in nature can get creative, from ‘pleasure parks’ to seaside strolls. So pack your flask and take in the fresh air.

    • Brooklands Pleasure Park

    This pleasure park truly does promise enjoyment. At the end of the day, a 45-acre green space with a lake, cafe and go-kart track plus an accessible playground and a mini train is unlikely to disappoint.

    • Beach House Park

    A formal garden in Worthing, the 9.57-acre park has formal lawns and flowerbeds, bowling greens of international standard, and a war memorial commemorating war pigeons. With the feel of an outdoor exhibition, make the most of a sunny day and get back to nature as you flirt.

    • Worthing Beach

    It may be an obvious choice but is there really anything as romantic as sharing a large portion of salt & vinegar chips as you stroll along a sandy beach with the wind in your hair? We didn’t think so either.

    Casual Restaurants

    Ah, the dinner date! Arguably the most popular of all the date categories. However, the struggle early on can be finding the perfect balance between smart and casual. A setting that feels too posh can be awkward and intimidating, but a fast-food chain equally does not allow for comfortable conversation to flow. Here are some picks that perfectly strike that balance:

    • Fernando’s Grill and Steak House Restaurant

    Carnivores gather round and chat over a delicious portion of steak and sweet potato chips accompanied by a frozen cocktail of choice. Fernando’s is also Halal friendly.

    • 49 Tasty Thai Cuisine

    Thai food is arguably the most accommodating with its varying vegetables, meats and spice levels. Boasting five star reviews from many locals, this spot is perfect for enjoying a delicious thai meal with a dreamy date.

    • The Arcades Fish Restaurant

    Two words: fish and chips. From traditional battered cod to more exotic whitebait and salad, The Arcades Fish Restaurant may not sound romantic but accompany it with its beach setting and you’ll be ready to dig in, with the wind in your hair to boot. Maybe just pack some gum if you plan on getting close later on in the night…

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