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Quiz: Are you a good kisser?

Laura, 12 April 2019
Quiz: Are you a good kisser?

Everyone thinks they’re a good kisser – but we all know that they’re not. So how about you? How do you really rate?
These things matter. A good kiss can seal the deal on a first date – and a bad one can kill a new relationship before it’s even got started. Take our quiz to find out where you stand on the kissing scale.

1. At the end of a fun and flirty first date, the guy moves in for a kiss – and shoves his tongue down the girl’s throat. What’s your take on his kissing style?
a. He’s kissing her too soon – the second date should be early enough.
b. He is a menace to females everywhere. A suffocating tongue-shove is not a kiss, it’s common assault.
c. Never mind the technique – it’s great when they take the initiative. It saves you having to do it.
d. He shouldn’t hog all the space in there. Give her a chance to shove her tongue, too.

2. When you were a kid, your bedroom walls were covered in posters of heat-throb hotties. Did you kiss them?

a. No way! You can’t imagine anything more embarrassing.
b. Constantly. You also practiced on the mirror, on your hand… but not the dog. (Not much, anyway.)
c. You’ve always preferred to be the kissed than the kisser, and a poster isn’t exactly dynamite in the kissing department.
d. Yep, until there were holes in the wallpaper.

3. Kissing each other on the mouth during sex is…
a. Awkward.
b. An essential and exciting part of lovemaking.
c. Your partner should stay focused on giving you pleasure in other ways.
d. A nice mid-shag break for your aching loins.

4. A married female friend says that she and her husband never kiss any more. She doesn’t think it’s a problem. You think:
a. Fair enough. There’s plenty more to life.
b. What a scary thought. Kissing is such an important part of love and sex, and you can’t imagine a love life without it.
c. He must be cheating on her.
d. You couldn’t stay in a relationship like that… unless you got to snog the postman every day.

5. Who should take the lead during a passionate kiss?

a. The man, as long as he’s not too forceful.
b. A bit of both. Sometimes one of you just wants to pin the other one down and snog the living daylights out of them, but mostly it’s a joint thing.
c. Your partner.
d. You.

6. How do you feel about watching movie couples snogging on screen?
a. Embarrassed.
b. It usually looks fake and unsexy. You wish they’d let rip a little more.
c. Real life is nothing like that.
d. It’s always a bit too gentle and wishy-washy.

7. What about loved-up couples chewing face at the bus stop?
a. It’s a pretty grim sight. They’re just being rude.
b. Bless ‘em, ain’t young love grand?
c. It’ll never last.
d. Get in there!

8. How long should a passionate kiss last?
a. A few seconds.
b. As long as you and your partner want.
c. Until you push your partner away.
d. Until your lips hurt.

9. During a sexy clinch you accidentally bite your partner’s lip. Not enough to draw blood, but teeth definitely meet lip quite firmly. How do you react?
a. You leap back in shame, full of apologies.
b. You laugh, give your partner a cute peck on the lip and get straight back to business.
c. You get the Bongela.
d. You carry on regardless, same as always.

10. Can you tell how good someone will be in bed, based on their kissing technique?
a. It’s not something you’ve given much thought to.
b. Of course. If someone is a thoughtful, imaginative and enthusiastic lover, they’ll also be a thoughtful, imaginative and enthusiastic kisser.
c. Absolutely. If they never initiate kissing, they won’t be active enough for you in bed.
d. Yes. If they let you snog their face off for hours, they’ll be putty in your hands.
What your answers mean…

Mostly A: You’re a bashful kisser
Please, just relax. Forget those playground ideas of the boy always taking the lead, or of “proper kissing” involving a deep tongue-shove. Learn to love kissing, and don’t be shy. Use your lips and tongue to express your lust and affection for the person you’re kissing. Above all, enjoy it!

Mostly B: You’re a kissing superstar
You know that kissing is a cornerstone of a great sex life, and you find a kiss incredibly arousing and intimate. Because you love and value kissing so much, you‘re great at it.

Mostly C: You’re a follow-my-leader kisser
You’re not a bad kisser, but you’re a little lazy in the passion department. You let your partner initiate your kisses and lead the pace. Brush up your technique by showing more initiative. Don’t be afraid to kiss your partner in exactly the way you want – your new enthusiasm will knock them for six.

Mostly D: You’re a forceful kisser
It’s very sexy to take the lead in a kiss, but don’t overdo it. If you constantly smother your partner with snogs and never let them take the lead, they will get bored and frustrated. And don’t take kissing too lightly – it’s a very intimate act. Launching into a snog half an hour into a first date suggests that you may be just a little too forward…

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