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    So you’re looking to experience the gay dating Belfast has to offer? Look no further than Match.

    The LGBTQI+ community in Belfast may be a little smaller than elsewhere in the UK, but that’s no problem! Match is here to help you start something special with someone you find interesting.

    Download the Match app or sign up online to start your gay dating journey in Belfast today.

    Make a Free Profile With Match To Start Gay Dating Today

    Match is the UK’s best-known gay dating site. Just enter your details, pick a profile picture, let us know what you’re looking for and start dating!

    Here at Match, we’re serious about you. We aren’t another quick hookup app; we want to help you find someone who really suits you and encourage you to have fun, stay safe and date with joy – the main thing is that you embrace your dating journey.

    We know that no two people are the same and trust you to know what you want, so we have advanced criteria search features to help you find people who are most suited to you. Whether you’re looking for someone who is into your local sports team or someone who wants to stay in with a good book, you can filter for interests or hobbies as well as lots of other personality traits.

    How To Set Up Your Match Profile

    If you’re new to Match (or online dating entirely), setting up your profile can be a little intimidating. So here are our quick top tips for setting up your Match profile to start gay dating in Belfast! If you want some more in-depth profile tips, have a look here.

    Create a Profile That Reflects What You’re Looking for

    To start with, don’t lie! You’re looking for something serious, so let people know it. That way, you won’t be wasting time with people who aren’t serious about you. Don’t be afraid to be upfront about exactly what you’re looking for. Remember: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    Fill Out Your Entire Profile

    This might seem like an obvious tip, but lots of people don’t fill out their entire profile. Leaving gaps in your profile makes people think you’re just looking for a hookup and can be an indicator that you’re not so serious about dating. The key is in the bio!

    Get a Few Pictures Ready

    There’s pretty much nothing worse than when someone only has one or two pictures on their profile – and they’re the same. Rope in a friend to take some nice pictures of you if you don’t have any! Having a variety of pictures is important; it lets people know what you look like and shows people what you really care about.

    Make Sure You’re in the Right Place

    Here at Match, we are serious about serious singles. If you’re dipping your toes into Belfast’s gay dating waters for the first time and are looking for something casual, Match might not be for you. Make sure that you’re not leading someone on, and choose your dating apps wisely. Otherwise, you could end up hurting some feelings – and no one likes having their feelings hurt.

    Tips for Gay Dating in Belfast

    Places To Enjoy the Gay Dating Belfast Has To Offer

    Wondering where to take your date out in Belfast? Here are some LGBTQI+ friendly places to go on a first date:

    • Outburst Queer Arts Festival

    Outburst is a queer arts festival held in Belfast every year. Bringing together wordsmiths, filmmakers and more traditional artists with events held over the festival, Outburst is a great place to celebrate the current state of queer culture in Belfast.

    • Titanic Belfast

    Play Jack and Rose at Titanic Belfast – minus the drowning. Find out some fun (and not-so-fun but still intriguing) facts about the ship in this exhibition. It’s actually the biggest Titanic experience in the world, so it’s lucky you’re in Belfast!

    • Union Street Bar

    An LGBTQI+ cocktail bar for those among us who are date traditionalists. Take someone here to get to know them over a couple of drinks and a real chat.

    • The Black Box

    Visit The Black Box for some entertainment. Hosting everything from theatre performances to comedy shows, The Black Box has date night written all over it.

    • Botanical Gardens

    Botanical gardens are a great place for a date. Flowers are famously romantic, and you can see all the plants you crave without having to do all the upkeep yourself. Get lost in the botanical gardens arm in arm.

    Time To Get Dating!

    That’s all! If you’re ready to start gay dating in Belfast, join Match today.

    If you’re new to the LGBTQI+ community and need some support in Belfast, try contacting the Cara-Friend helpline for mental health support and signposting to further support.

    Remember: the advantage of online dating is that you can update your profile whenever you like, so try out different versions to see which gets the best response, experimenting with aspects such as style, content and humour. Above all, remember to be your unique and magical self and you’ll be dating your special someone in no time. Have fun!

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