The UK’s top 6 most established dating bloggers

To make sure you’re getting reputable dating advice, we have put together a list of the UK’s six most established dating bloggers. These six people do much more than blogging, so we thought they deserved an extra bit of recognition for the dating help they offer to their readers.

Zoe Strimple

Published author, Zoe Strimple, is a well-known dating specialist, currently writing a thesis on the history of dating in the 20th century. Her work is beneficial and relevant for both men and women. For women, reading Zoe’s work is without doubt an empowering experience, as for men, it’s best described as an enlightening insight into the persona of a young woman living in London.

‘Zoe’s work is without doubt an empowering experience’

If you haven’t read any of her relationship and dating advice yet, then make sure you take a look as you venture around dating websites.

Jimmy-rice, plentymorefishoutofwater

One for the males, Liverpool based Jimmy takes readers on an epic dating journey with his blog: plentymorefishoutofwater. Chronicling his many dates, Jimmy’s matter of fact writing style leaves nothing to the imagination – just how we like it. Sprinkled with the odd successful date, this autobiographical blog offers a great insight into the workings of a man’s mind.

‘Autobiographical blog offers a great insight into the workings of a man’s mind’

Instead of having to learn from our own mistakes we can all just learn from Jimmy’s.

Katy Horwood, All Sweetness and Life

A powerhouse of the online dating community, Katy Horwood has been imparting her wisdom with the singletons of the world for quite a while. Specialising in sex and relationship advice, Katy writes about issues ranging from the sending of explicit pictures all the way through to articles on celebrity dating news. You’ll never see her shying away from talking about controversial issues either.

‘A great example of what a dating blogger should aspire to be’

Katy has had an illustrious career and deservedly so, she is a great example of what an online dating blogger should aspire to be. For a peep into the world of dating, we’d recommend a visit to All Sweetness and Life.

Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim

Natalie Lue is one of the UK’s most recognisable relationship advisers, offering a number of offline courses on removing emotional baggage and boosting self-esteem. Her online blog also displays top class advice for people dealing with dating and relationship problems.

‘Best at addressing more serious issues’

Although Natalie deals with issues wider than dating and relationships, she is definitely one of the best at addressing the more serious issues that can often stop people from having healthy relationships. If you’re finding your relationship is a struggle, head to Baggage Reclaim.

Jon Hamblin, The Things I’ve Done To Impress Women

A self-confessed awful dater, Jon Hamblin has managed to produce one of the funniest dating and relationship blogs on the internet. This blog won’t solve your deepest dating fears, but it will definitely make you feel a whole lot better about any dating disasters you may have had.

‘One of the funniest dating blogs on the internet’

Jon catalogues his encounters with women with witty humour. He states that some of the stories are slightly exaggerated for comical affect, however we like to believe they’re all true. A highlight has to be Jon trying to impress a woman he’d known for a couple of months on Valentine’s Day (Skip to number three).

Sam Owen, Relationship Coach

A regular on our TV screens as a dating expert, Sam Owen is a certified life coach, psychologist and published author who writes on topics ranging from dating and relationships to anxiety. Her experience as a life coach means advice is based on specialised knowledge and tends to concentrate on more sensitive subjects over superficial topics.

‘Advice is based on specialised knowledge’

For contemporary advice we’d recommend taking a look at Sam Owen’s relationship coach blog.

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