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The Best Fashion Tips for Asian Women

Laura, 13 July 2021
The Best Fashion Tips for Asian Women

Want to know the top Asian fashion tips for you next date? Read fashion blogger Sara tricks to get yourself date ready…

  1. When picking fashion trends, be sure to pick the fashion and fabric that flatters your body shape. For instance if you have love handles like me, tight dresses or tops in jersey fabric would be the last garment l would wear even though it’s a classic trend when attending a special event. Although if you have love handles like me, not to fear we can still wear the black dress but l advise a tailored dress in polyester or a fabric that hugs your love handles and accentuates the small waist.

Essentially the best black dress should cover the handles evenly, in return you’re not able to see the bulges and it complements your figure perfectly.

  1. Most don’t usually think about a colour palette that suits their skin tone or fusion of blending colours. It is an art and as important as when buying foundation, it can make a huge difference in your appearance. Also, brighten things up for special occasions and double check with others, which colours work best together.

If you find it hard to work with colour try to stick to no more than two colours, which complements each other in the outfit. I usually go with a dark shade e.g. navy blue kameez and might pair it with the red scarf. Just remember less is more e.g. effortless elegance always looks beautiful!

  1. Fashion isn’t just about looking good for others but discovering yourself as a person and woman too. It’s the perfect way to build a fashion identity around your personality and feel empowered.

I would recommend experimenting with fashion by playing with different patterns, fabrics, styles and cultural fashion. For instance, many of my friends wanted me to wear a traditional salwar kameez but refused, as that wasn’t very Sarah. Instead l discovered modern, fusion fashion and combined British and Asian to make my own fashion l felt comfortable in.

Just be yourself and by happy!

  1. That leads me on nicely to looking at the world of fashion; east and west then combine fashion trends from different cultures. For example, you may love a shawl or dupatta – why not add a plain blouse and trousers which complement the colour of the scarf and wear it to work to jazz up your look in winter.

My best recommendation is to pick a statement piece e.g. long Asian jacket and try to complete your outfit using that as your guide. For instance, the recent South Asian trend includes long jacket dresses and l wear my navy one with dark blue Topshop trousers and off white blouse with gold layered jewellery.

  1. Last but certainly not least, beauty starts from within. As a result, l want you to pick three things you love about yourself or your look.

You’re beautiful no matter what whether you’re a size 8 or 18, everyone is beautiful and can look stunning if they use these top tips and marry them together in an outfit.

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