Go from chatting on dating websites to a fun geek friendly first date!


With millions of board games from the classic to the absurd, consoles from the 1980s and arcade games all FREE to play, you’d be mad to miss a night at Stoke Newington’s Scenario.

Geeks Inc Pub Quiz

So it may not be entirely free. But with an evening’s entertainment for £3 we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with Camden’s most notorious pub quiz. Get to know each other as you wrestle your minds on Quiz topics from Breaking Bad to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Marvel Universe.

Museum Lates

Be inspired by talks from space explorers, or see what happens when you put solid carbon dioxide into water (spoiler: it gets messy). Science Museum Lates opens up its doors to the adult public every month for a completely free exploration into the scientific world. Bring a date and get inspired.

Comic Book Store

Gosh! Comic bookstore in Soho is the perfect place to start off a free date in London. Peruse the multitude of new and independent graphic novels on the first floor or delve into the basement for classic comics. Gosh! also has frequent free book signings and events, including a monthly Drink and Draw evening with guest creators from the comic book publishing world to lend their expertise to your doodle.

Drink, Shop & Do

This venue is one of our favourites for relaxed free dates with a crafty-spin. Check out their Lego Robots Nights, free from 7pm for the chance to win drinks prizes with your Lego nemesis construction. All Lego Robots must have at least 2 limbs and come fortified with name and special power, so let loose your creative juice and be a master builder!

Telltale Games

Staying in to play a videogame could have a marmite-like side effects for your date. However, if you feel confident they share a similar flair for gaming, why not collaborate with an immersive Telltale game. Telltale games allow users to choose their own adventure from story lines based on their favourite TV series such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. We promise you’ll be lost in the story and pull together to get your characters to survive. Sophisticated video games without the button bashing.