5 Questions about dating in France

As part of the Date Explorer campaign we have asked fellow daters in other countries to share some insight into the dating game. This week we’ve asked Mathis from Paris to answer our 5 questions about dating:

1. Where would you normally go out on a first date?
The first date usually takes place at a restaurant or a café, although sometimes we might also go and see an exhibition or a gig. The dates are quite laid back, and we try to find some activity that keeps the atmosphere relaxed so that you get to see how the other person is really like.

2. Who pays on the first date?
Both pay for the date; although out of politeness men often offer to pay. But I guess with the younger generation it’s normal to split the costs – especially if you go to a bar where you would be buying more than one round.

3. Would you end the date in a kiss?
Of course! Perhaps not in what’s known as a “French kiss”, unless the date has gone REALLY well!

4. How do you let your date know you’re interested in them?
It’s usually quite obvious as we like to chat a lot, but you could drop in subtle hints and compliments and make a lot of eye contact.

5. Who gets in touch first about a second date?
Whoever is keener to go on another date! Sometimes we already agree to see again during the first date, but there really are no rules about this. In the old days it was the men who had the job of chasing the girls a bit, but this has changes when the gender roles have become more equal.

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