Spring gets a pretty bad deal when it comes to romance – with people considering winter with its mulled wine or summer and its sunshine picnics, far better seasons for dating. Being an old romantic, I don’t think there’s ever a bad time of year when it comes to dating (well, maybe January 1st) However I think that spring is unfairly overlooked and it is, in fact, one of the best times of the year to shake things up and get dating again.

It’s spring! We spring clean our houses, why not spring clean our love lives too? That’s not to suggest I’m recommending you all dump your partners and look for someone new, just that, if you have had a bit of a lull in winter and struggled to drag yourself off your sofa, now is the time to do it! Blow off those winter cobwebs and get yourself a date.

Bank holidays Waking up alone and spending your bonus day at the gym or sharing it in a beer garden with your hot new date for a lazy afternoon of bank holiday fun? I’ll leave that up to you.

Light evenings We’re only a few days away from the clocks going forward, which means only thing – post-work pub pit stops! And absolutely no excuse not to take advantage of the extended daylight hours. Box sets have their place at 7pm on a dark December evening, but when it’s still light at 8pm and the sun is shining, you have no excuse.

Indulge Ok eggs themselves aren’t the sexiest of things but when it comes to sexy food, chocolate has got to be up there in the top 10 sexiest things you can stick in your gob. If you want to spoil your partner this Easter, think outside the box. Cadbury’s dairy milk has its place but there are some top quality chocs you can find these days or how about spoiling them with a chocolate making course at a top London hotel – beat that for romance.

Last minute weekends away The weather in Easter caters for everyone. If you’ve got a few days off at work you could either book yourself a last minute ski trip or enjoy a mild European city break – unlikely to be sunbathing weather but certainly warm enough for a nice bottle of vino sol on the Ramblas with someone special.

A season of promise Without wanting to sound too much like a spiritual guru, spring does carry a fabulous sense of hope and excitement. New beginnings and the possibility for things to grow – love included (bear with me … the worst is over) So if you are thinking about new relationships and opportunities, grab them now, it’s the perfect time to start – *and* we’ve just had a full moon …. Ok, I’ll stop there.

No one cares about calories From lorry loads of chocolate to traditional Sunday lunches, there’s no such thing as too much at Easter. Not only do calories not count but there’s plenty on offer and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. So, eat, drink and indulge … it’s not just Christmas that comes but once a year.

It’s easy to be original From country fairs to Easter egg hunts, there’s plenty of inspiration for interesting things to do on a date in spring – warm enough to venture out but not too hot that you feel guilty about indoor activities that could make for a fun and original date.

Daffodils Fresh, fun and £1 in M&S … roses are just so last season.