My night ended with my date watching on, in cautious speculation, as I almost completely tumbled off my own roof terrace. Twice.
There are obvious reasons why you shouldn't go on a first date on Friday 13th; the main one being that it's Friday 13th…

I'm not superstitious by any stretch of the imagination, but when I realised that I had arranged a date on Friday 13th, my mind was afflux with anxiety. What bad things would happen to me? What bad things would happen to her? What bad things would happen to the both of us, which could possibly inform the rest of our potential future?

After spending 48 hours recovering from said date, I would completely recommend it. Sharing a public holiday, or nationwide event, with a first date can be just the push you need, and here’s the reasons why:

1. Mitigating Circumstances…

Suffered a date faux pas? Nerves or excitement got the better of you? I blamed my behaviour on some Friday 13th voodoo, but that mentality can be applied to any specific date; St Patrick’s Day can be the reason why you bloated yourself to the point of sickness, on Guinness. Bonfire Night can be the reason you accidentally dropped a hotdog awkwardly down your top. We laughed together as we watched a full bottle of red wine soak into my beige carpet last Friday. It had to be a spell of Friday 13th bad luck. Being able to laugh at ourselves is an excellent way to lead into a second date, when ‘normal’ scheduling has resumed. And second dates are always more promising, right?



2. You have one more day to celebrate.

Supposing your relationship did blossom into something beautiful? The date you shared will always be remembered, and therefore celebrated in future years; it becomes just one more romantic (arguable adjective) date in the diary. If my girl is still dating me when the next Friday 13th rolls around, I'm strongly looking forward to busting my eccentric and, quite frankly, awkward dance moves again in an East London bar.





3. It's a risk that you need to take in order to boost your confidence.

If it works out for you, you know it must be good. That's an obvious thing to say after every date, but if you're stealing a specific event from someone's diary, it will stick in their mind. Your confidence will be boosted if you make it a success; that date you stole, which may or may not only roll round just once a year, will be just for you.
Despite the fact that my night nearly ended in A&E (I have a new found respect for roof top fencing), we already have our second date planned. We have also already arranged a reunion for the next Friday 13th, in November this year.
Getting a little caught up in the holiday spirit, and sharing a date to remember, whatever the excuse, may be just what you need to loosen up and have a laugh together!